6units Right Hand Drive Beiben Water Truck Order By China CSCEC Exported to Zambia

Our company Produced 6units Right Hand Drive Beiben Water Truck Order By China CSCEC Exported to Zambia.

China CSCEC China State Construction Engineering Corporation Limited Order 6 units Right Hand Drive Beiben Water Truck were finsih at our factory ,and exported Zamibia from China Shanghai port.

China State Construction Engineering Corporation Ltd (in short: China Construction; Stock code: 601668), formally established on December 10, 2007, was co-initiated by four Fortune Global 500 enterprises: China State Construction Engineering Corp. (CSCEC), China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), Baosteel Group Corporation Ltd and Sinochem Corporation. China Construction was successfully listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange on July 29, 2009.
CSCEC is biggest Company in China. China Construction has inherited all superior assets and corporate culture of CSCEC, with its business covering housing construction, international contracting, real estate development and investment, infrastructure construction and investment, prospecting and design.including road projects, airport terminals, sewage treatment, major industrial parks, railways, and other major projects in major cities in china.

6Units Right Hand Drive Beiben Water Truck, this item, used in 190 km road construction project in Zambia. in order to meet the local peope driving habits, specially selected on right steering wheel of Beiben Brand Truck, install 10Tons Water Tank, With Water Pump. front, side and rear spraying system.

CSCEC Highly evaluated the sprinkler truck produced by our company. the water tank body is produced by Automatic welding equipment, there are three anti tank inside the tank, in order to protect the driving process of the impact of water on the head.Three layers of paint, antirust paint, primer and finish last painting for water tank body. Color is Customized. LOGO, Color.

the picture of Right Hand Beiben Truck With 10Tons Water Tank:



More Right Hand Drive Beiben Water Truck, please contact with Oversea Market manager: Ms.Pinky Whatsapp: 0086 15897603919

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