ISUZU 4K 190HP Engine, ISUZU KV600 Refrigerated truck, ISUZU KV600 Chassis introduction

ISUZU KV600 Light Truck Chassis, a refreigerated Truck is little difference in configuration with ISUZU KV600 Cargo Truck.

the apperarance of ISUZU KV600 is new and with vertical headlights, to maintain the overall style of Japn Local ISUZU.


The rearview mirror of ISUZU KV600 Chassis is tilting, single point fixed, and the mirror is small, Isuzu style


ISUZU KV600 standard cargo length 4200mm, wheelbase: 3360mm

ISUZU KV600 , more length wheelbase 5200mm, cargo size length: 5m.

ISUZU refreigerated truck, standard size: 4015*1900*1800mm, capacity: 13.7m3

ISUZU KV600 Cargo size: 4170*2050*2100mm, capacity: 18m3

The interior decoration of ISUZU KV 600 is simple, the main driving position is operated and the storage is quite convenient, and the wide body cab is three Passengers.

air refreighte and video , radio is standard equipment for ISUZU KV600,.

ISUZU KV600 refreigerated truck, will be placement cooler controller in side of cabin.


Receiving cup frame inside of ISUZU KV 600 Chassis.

After the seat of ISUZU KV 600 chassis has a reserve, it is convenient for the driver to put things in hand.

ISUZU KV600 , 3000CC displacement engine, 4KH1 4Cylinders. ISUZU 5 Forwards. 96kw/130HP

ISUZU KV600 is adopt After SCR post-processing, urea needs to be added

ISUZU KV600 chassis equip ISUZU 5 Forwards gear box.

ISUZU KV600 is still light loading capacity.

if choose ISUZU KV600 , Light ISUZU Cargo Truck, ISUZU Refreigerated truck do not do heavy work

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