20Tons FVZ 10Wheels ISUZU Refrigerated Truck

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1. 20Tons FVZ 10Wheels ISUZU Refrigerated Truck  ,

2.ISUZU 300HP diesel Engine 6Cylinder

3. with ABS

4.Fast 9 Forwards

5.11.00R22.5 Radial tire

6.Refrigerated Van Size:9250*2310*2300mm

7. termperature: -5 or -18Degree.

8.Original: Made in China
9.payment terms: TT OR LC
10.delivery time: 20-25days
11.company type: manufactuer, factory Hubei Runli Fuel Tank Trucks
12.Contact: Ms.Pinky
13.Whatsapp/wechat: +86-15867603919

Product Description

the Function of 20Tons FVZ 10Wheels ISUZU Refrigerated Truck:

the Function of 20Tons Refrigerated Truck,Dongfeng Low temperature truck loading fresh goods :

Refrigerator Trucks are kind of enclosed van truck that equipped with refrigerated units and polyurethane insulation compartments, 

mainly used to transporting frozen foods, fresh fruit and vegetables, vaccine medicine, medical waste and so on, 

it can install different equipment for different goods transportation. 

the cooling refrigerator could be famous brand such as carrier, Thermking etc. good quality.

it will be Transport Fresh or Frozen goods, there are two main lowest temeprature -5 degree or -16 degree for your purpose choice.

we use good qualit van body from temperature reservation. the box surface metailer could be fiberglass, aluminum or stainless steel.

the padding meterail is polyurethane foam that has super tempertaure preservation ability with different thickness for choice.

the specification of 20Tons FVZ 10Wheels ISUZU Refrigerated Truck: 

Products Technical Specification
Type 20Tons FVZ 10Wheels ISUZU Refrigerated Truck
Brand ISUZU 6*4
Cab Power steering
Vehicle Description  
Overall dimensions(mm) 11830*2540*3850
Curb weight(vehicle) (kg) 11400
Loading capacity (kg) 13405
Max speed (Km/h) 95-120
Mode 6HK1-TCH
Type Diesel, 6-cylinder in line with water cooling,


Max. power/rotated speed 220(KW) /300HP
Displacement(ML) 7790
Emission level Euro 5
Chassis Description
Wheel base 5700+1300
Front axle 7Tons
Rear axle 18Tons
Gear box FAST 9 Forwards
Brake system Air braking
Operation control system Power Steering
Electric system 24V
Tyres 11.00R22.5
Fuel tanker
Other attached components: Refrigerated Van Box
Van Size 9250*2310*2300mm
Insulation Thickness 80 mm
Box outer material Fiberglass
Box Inner Material Fiberglass
Refrigerating Temperature  -18℃

the Pictures of 20Tons FVZ 10Wheels ISUZU Refrigerated Truck 

10Wheels ISUZU Refrigerated Truck, we install good quality Refrigeration Compressor, Evaporator, Condenser:



the Different Equipment for 20Tons FVZ 10Wheels ISUZU Refrigerated Truck :

Aluminum rail 4cm high on floor, each side 8pcs.

4 pcs 5cm high wind slot install inside of back door.

4pcs 10cm high wind slot installed inside of front plate.

Min.temperature up to -18 degrees. Automatically adjust the termperature 2-8degree

with a standard side door bar.

the glass fiber reinforced plastic outside of body.

intermediate polyurethane foam insulation,75mm thickness

refrigerating unit with evaporator guardrial.

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