4000L ISUZU Bitumen Spreader Truck

ISUZU Bitument spreader truck
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New ISUZU Bitumen Speader Truck

With air condition,
power steering.
2.Color: White body and white cabin
3.Drive type: LHD
4. Engine : ISUZU4KH1-TCG40/ 120HP
5. 7.00-16 tyres
6.Capacity of tank body: 4000Liters
7.Hydraulic system by manual
8.Spay width 4 meters;
30 intelligent asphalt nozzles.
9.Hubei Runli Water Truck Factory Directly sales. fast delivery
10.Optional stainless Steel Pump, fill drinking water into tank body or dishcarge drinking water outside by stainless steel pump. good quality.
11.Manufacter by Hubei Runli Special Automobile Co.,,Ltd.
12.Payment terms: LC or TT
13.Delivery time: 25days
14.factory in Suizhou City, Hubei Province, China
15.Sales Manager: Ms.Pinky
Whatsapp: 0086 15897603919 / QQ: 752517490

Product Description

4000L ISUZU Bitumen Spreader Truck


Characterstic of 4000L ISUZU Bitumen Spreader Truck 

The intelligent asphalt sprayer is a high-tech product specializing in spraying emulsified asphalt, diluted asphalt and hot asphalt. The product is easy to operate and features in asphalt spraying truck.

The intelligent asphalt sprayer is a high-tech product specializing in spraying emulsified asphalt, diluted asphalt and hot asphalt. This product is easy to operate. On the basis of absorbing various technologies of similar products at home and abroad, it has increased the technical content to ensure the construction quality and highlighted the humanized design of improving construction conditions and construction environment.

The spraying process of the equipment can be controlled in time and throughout the whole process. The spraying accuracy is high, the spraying quantity is even, the operation and maintenance are simple, and the technical performance of the whole machine reaches the international advanced level.

Specification of 4000L ISUZU Bitumen Spreader Truck 

Products Technical Specification
Type ISUZU bitumen spreader truck with USB, MP3
Brand ISUZU 4*2
Cab Power steering
Vehicle Description  
Overall dimensions(mm) 6300×2100×2400
Curb weight(vehicle) (kg) 4970
Loading capacity (kg) 4000
Max speed (Km/h) 95-120
Mode 4KH1-TCG40
Type Diesel, 4-cylinder in line with water cooling,


Max. power/rotated speed 88kw  120HP
Displacement(ML) 2999ML
Emission level Euro 4
Chassis Description
Wheel base 3360
Front axle 2.5T
Rear axle 4.8T
Front tread / rear tread 1504/1425
Gear box ISUZU MSB 5-speed
Brake system Air braking
Operation control system Power Steering
Electric system 24V
Tyres 7.00-16
Bitumen speader tanker equipment
Capacity of tank body: 4000Liters

Thickness of tank body: 4mm Q235 carbon steel.

80mm rock wool insulation material.

Outside cover 1mm Matt stainless steel

Bitumen pump QGB680,High viscosity asphalt pump, 680 litres / min.
Hydraulic system By manual reversing valve; asphalt pump hydraulic drive motor model 05-90-BD31; hydraulic pump model CBQ540-L;
spray width 4 meters; 30 intelligent asphalt nozzles.
control mode after operation platform operation box control;
heating way burner (Italy G10) and heat conduction oil automatic heating;
gasoline engine 6 kw
Special for Emulsified asphalt and hot asphalt

The picture of 4000L ISUZU Bitumen Spreader Truck : 


Thick steel plates are used in the asphalt tank, and partitions are set in the tank, which strengthens the strength of the tank. The outer skin of stainless steel plate tank and the tool box on both sides of the tank body are beautiful, practical, easy to clean and not easy to rust. U-shaped distribution of heat conducting oil heating pipeline in tank, high heating efficiency


Thermal conductive oil pump can absorb oil and press oil to make thermal conductive oil circulate. Thermal conductive oil filter filters impurities in the medium of pipeline to prevent impurities from being sucked by the oil pump and damage, and protect the oil pump. It has good safety performance.

The structure design of spraying rod is advanced: the internal structure of spraying rod ensures that each nozzle is heated by heat conducting oil circulation without dead angle. The internal pressure is uniform and the spraying quality is high.

The nozzle is controlled independently: each nozzle can be controlled independently, and can be combined arbitrarily to adjust the spraying width randomly. The nozzle can realize three overlapping spraying, which ensures the uniformity of horizontal spraying.

Manual/automatic control mode can realize the individual control of each nozzle, thus randomly adjusting the spraying width.

Advantages: Italian  burner, diesel combustion heating, indirect heating with special heat conducting oil combustion chamber, never burning tar, temperature can be monitored at any time.

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