6×4 ISUZU GIGA Fuel Tank Truck 20000Liters Fouel Bowser

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6×4 ISUZU GIGA Fuel Tank Truck 20000Liters Fouel Bowser
With air condition,
power steering.
2.Color: White body and white cabin
3.Drive type: LHD
4. Engine : ISUZU 6HK1-TCG51 350HP
5. 315/80R22.5 or 12R22.5 tyres
6.Capacity of tank body: 20000Litres
7.computer fueling machine and fueling monitor(dispenser)
8.With 15m hose reel auto-rewind
9.Hubei Runli Water Truck Factory Directly sales. fast delivery
10.Manufacter by Hubei Runli Special Automobile Co.,,Ltd.
11.Payment terms: LC or TT
12.Delivery time: 25days
13.factory in Suizhou City, Hubei Province, China
14.Sales Manager: Ms.Pinky
Whatsapp: 0086 15897603919 / QQ: 752517490

Product Description

6×4 ISUZU GIGA Fuel Tank Truck 20000Liters Fouel Bowser :

6×4 ISUZU GIGA Fuel Tank Truck 20000Liters Fouel Bowser :

1.It can be divided into many compartments to transport different types of light fuel oil, heavy oil, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, caustic soda hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, benzene, cooking oil and so on.

2.equip gear pump, self-absorption (centrifuge) pump, chemical pump, heavy, oil pump, stainless steel pump.

3.optional equip Refueling machine, Hose reel with Refueling Monitor, can be refueling Oil/Fuel to car, truck etc. it should be mobile Refueling Truck. convenient in operation

4.Optional equip reading meter

Charactersitic of 6×4 ISUZU GIGA Fuel Tank Truck 20000Liters Fouel Bowser:

1.Diesel Fuel Tanker material: optional Carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum tanks, carbon steel with plastic tanks in insdie to load different fuels, chemical etc.

2.Hube Runli produced Diesel Fuel Tank, it adopted an advanced automatic CNC vertical welding machine, good quality.

3.shape of tank body can be designed to square round, round, Ellipse。

4.Diesel Fuel Tanker equip separators (baffles) to prevent surging of liquid towards bulk head.

5.Dongfeng Diesel Fuel Tanker Truck, Cummins 170HP engine, Euro 3 ,Mechanical injection pump and injection nozzle, 9.00-20 tyres, with A/C

standard 10000Liters tank body. equipment Refueling machine and refueling hose reel with monitor, reading meter with filter.

Dongfeng Diesel Fuel Tank Truck, good performance, good quality with best price.

it is good choose for your business.

Detail Specification of 6×4 ISUZU GIGA Fuel Tank Truck 20000Liters Fouel Bowser :

Vehicle Brand ISUZU GIGA Truck with Fuel tank
Oversize 9700*2500*3500mm
Total weight 25000kgs
Loading weight 20000kgs / 5300Gallons
ISUZU GIGA Water Tank Truck cabin inside
Seat 3 persons allowed with one bed
Air condition With
Engine of ISUZU Water Truck
Engine Model ISUZU Engine, 6UZ1-TCG51
Power 350HP (278KW))
Displacement 9839CC/ML
Engine type Diesel, 6cyliner in line Euro V
Chassis of ISUZU GIGA Water Truck
Drive type 6*4 Left hand drive
Transmission Fast 12 forwards, 1 reverser
Wheelbase / No. of axle 4565+1370mm,
Tyre specs 12R22.5
Max. speed 90-120 km/h
Paint Metallic paint
Superstructure of ISUZU GIGA Water Tank truck
Tank capacity 20,000Liters(5300Gallons)
Tank material Q235 carbon steel
Flow speed 1000Liters /min
Delivery head 90m
Suction head 6m
Hose High quality PVC hose, anti-aging
other standard accessories : manhole, ladder, inlet, discharge and so on

The Picture of 6×4 ISUZU GIGA Fuel Tank Truck 20000Liters Fouel Bowser :

ISUZU GIGA Fuel Tank truck outlet and inlet ball valve, equip flow meter, filter install before flow meter to prevent impurity come into flow meter.

ISUZU GIGA Fuel tank truck optional Refueling machine and 15-20m hose reel:

aluminium alloy manhole, with guard protection.

We take good quality steel plate to make high quality tank body by advanced modern machine.

Automatic welding machine for vertical welding line and Automatic welding machine for Horizontal welding line:

Good quality carbon steel Q235, stainless steel 3043# material for fuel tank body, water tank, dirty water tank, fecal tank, suction tank ……..

Automatic welding machine for different tank body for fuel, diesel, water , dirty water and so on to keep good quality fuel tank truck, water truck, suction truck, vacuum trucks.

Automatic bending machine for fuel tank truck:


Hydraulic pressure head model machine, to protect the wave of water or fuel to tank body.

we have proffessional workers and engineers to install good quality fuel tank truck.

we can provide 3 000Liters to 60000Liters tank truck and tank trailers.

clean and neat workshops for our company.

professional painting room for fuel tank body, water tank and different special trucks.

More ISUZU fuel truck, Please contact With Ms.Pinky

Whatsapp: 0086 15897603919


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