98HP ELF ISUZU Vacuum Sewage Suction Truck

ISUZU Sewage Vacuum Truck
ISUZU Vacuum Sewage Suction TruckISUZU Vacuum Truckcontact information

New ISUZU Fuel Truck
With air condition,
power steering.
2.Color: White body and white cabin
3.Drive type: LHD
Engine : ISUZU 4JB1CN / 98HP
7.00-15 tyres
Capacity of tank body:3000Litres
With vacuum pump
company type: manufacturer
original: Machin In China
payment terms: TT OR LC
delivery days: 15-20days
Sales Manager: Ms.Pinky
Whatsapp/wechat: +86-15897603919
Right Hand drive or left hand drive fecal suction truck

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Product Description

98HP ELF ISUZU Vacuum Sewage Suction Truck : 

1. We  are manufacturer, specializing in producing Vacuum Sewage Suction truck many years with good reputation.
2. Our 3-20CBM Vacuum Sewage Suction truck mainly consists of: PTO (Power Take Off), Transmission shaft, vacuum pump, water and gas separator, oil and gas separator, multiple directional control valve, hanger rod, sewage tanker, flow valve, sucking gun, water tank, vacuum pressure gauge and piping system, etc.
3. Standard steel (Carbon steel Q235 & Q345, also the Stainless steel can be choose) for the tank, against corrosion resistant, rust protection and well-resisting.
4. Available also with hydraulic drive. Max. Vacuum rate 95%. Suitable i.e. recommended for continuous duty even at high vacuum levels. Low noise level on all models. This pump is designed for stationary industrial plants or for sewer cleaning, truck mounted, and equipment.
5. Dongfeng vacuum suction trucks have following advanced characters: high efficiency; self-draining; direct irrigating, etc.
6. Mainly used for pumping the sewage, fecal, slurry and mixed with small suspension debris. And this kind ISUZU FRT 10000Liters Septic Emptying Trucks cesspit emptier is widely applicable to sanitation, city cleaning, residential areas, agriculture, and industry in large, medium and small cities.
7. The 5000L-20000L Cesspiter Emptier is consist of: PTO, Transmission Shaft, Vacuum Pump, Water and Gas Separator, Oil and Gas Separator, Multiple Directional Control Valve, Hanger Rod, Sewage Tanker, Flow Valve, Sucking Gun, Water Tanker, Vacuum Pressure Gauge and Pipeline System.

The Specification of 98HP ELF ISUZU Vacuum Sewage Suction Truck


Products Technical Specification
Type 3000L Sewage Suction Truck
Brand ISUZU 4*2
Cab Power steering, Air Condition
Vehicle Description  
Overall dimensions(mm) 5900×1990×2300
Curb weight(vehicle) (kg) 3,931
Loading capacity (kg) 3,200
Max speed (Km/h) 95-120
Type Diesel, 4-cylinder in line with water cooling,


Max. power/rotated speed 72(KW) /98HP
Displacement(ML) 2771
Emission level Euro 4
Chassis Description
Wheel base 3360
Front axle 2T
Rear axle 4.8T
Front tread / rear tread 1385/1425
Gear box ISUZU MSB 5-speed
Brake system Oil brake belt vacuum booster pump
Electric system 24V
Tyres 7.00-15
Fuel tanker
Other Capacity:3CBM.

Carbon steel vacuum tank body.

Vacuum pump

Gemany band: 3T Vacuum pump

Max presure: 70 MPA

Time: 45 s

Pipe length: 5-6m

Pipe Diagaram: 75 mm

Tank thickness: 5mm, rear cover 6mm.

Vacuum pump is drived by PTO, to self-suck and self-discharge by four-way valve. this truck can suck the mud, sewage, dejection and the dirty water with small stone under by vacuum pump

The Picture of 98HP ELF ISUZU Vacuum Sewage Suction Truck  :

Vacuum suction sewage truckvacuum suction pump can be self-suction, self-discharge, fast working speed, large capacity, convenient transportation, suitable for the collection and transportation of waste, mud, oil and other liquid goods.

Pumping tank full time less than 5min, the absorption process is not less than 8m.

with level gaugaue;


vacuum slugde suction truck producing process at our factory: 

Cesspit Emptier Truck equip pressure meter, good quality lfiting cylinder, rear discharge valve, good quality vacuum pump, PTO.

we have professional worker and engineers to keep good quality products, automatic bending machine and welding machine advanced technology, provide customers good quality products.

Automatic welding machine for vertical welding line and Automatic welding machine for Horizontal welding line:

Good quality carbon steel Q235, stainless steel 3043# material for fuel tank body, water tank, dirty water tank, fecal tank, suction tank ……..

Automatic welding machine for different tank body for fuel, diesel, water , dirty water and so on to keep good quality fuel tank truck, water truck, suction truck, vacuum trucks.

we have proffessional workers and engineers to install good quality fuel tank truck.

we can provide 3 000Liters to 60000Liters tank truck and tank trailers.


Dongfeng Brand, HOWO Brand, ISUZU Brand Sewage Suction Truck is avaible at our factory for you Choice.


More information, please contact with Ms.Pinky 0086 15897603919

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