Beiben Concrete Mixer Truck 15m3

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1.China Manufacturer Beiben Cement Mixer Trucks
2. Driving type: right hand drive or left hand drive
3. Cabin: power steering, with air condition
4. Engine: 290-336HP
5. Tyre:11.00-20, 11.00R20 , 12.00R20
6. capacity of mixer body:15000Ltrs-18000Liters
7. manufacturer: Hubei Runli Spcial automobile Co.,Ltd.
8. Mini Order:1units
9. Sales Manager: Ms.Pinky
10 wechat /whatsapp: 0086 15897603919
11. payment terms: TT or LC

Product Description

Beiben Concrete Mixer Truck, 15m3 Cement Mixer Trucks, 16cbm Mixer Trucks, Beiben Cement Transmit vehicle

Main features of mixer trucks:

Our company produces Mixer truck, good uniformity, feeding speed, low residual feeding rate, reliability hydraulic transmission system, convenient operation, beautiful appearance. The mixer truck also has rotary stability, reliable performance and convenient operate, long service life, etc.

Hubei Runli Mixer truck make sure the quality of concrete.


Characteristic of our company mixer truck:

The tank body is designed by means of three-dimensional aid design method with the characteristics of reasonable structure, large effective capacity.

Our Concrete Mixer Truck has different capacity from 8-10m³ and 12m³. As to the whole truck, we use second-class Chinese and international chassis to refit, such as Faw Group, Dongfeng, Sino Truck, UD Nissan, Auman, Isuzu etc.

We use OEM fittings, makes the tanker solid and durable, and reduce the cost to operate and maintain.

Other key parts of this transit concrete mixer include hydraulic system and mixing system.

Hydraulic system can be equipped with oil pump and motor from either German Rexroth or Italy ARK, thus offering reliable performance.

The decelerator acquired from Italy PMP or Italy TOPUNION offers a high reduction ration of 100-130.

The mixer is able to offer a minimum charging speed of 3m³/min, and a minimum discharging speed of 2m³/min. This ensures high mixing efficiency.

Concrete Mixer Truck Components:

  1. Drum use two cove floating type spiral blades, the discharging spiral angle rotates 75°, and reducing to 60° upto the pyramis at bottom of drum. This unique design greatly reducing the residual discharging ratio, almost zero. Inclination is between 12-15°, improving the high mixing efficiency. Also reduce the concrete impact which offers more resistance to extend the service life. The scraper plate which fitted at rear of the spiral blade ensure an assistance movement for better mixing.
  2. 350L large capacity water tank, compressed air form, high pressure and strong impulse to meet almost cleaning conditions.

The specification of Beiben Concrete Mixer Truck, 15m3 Cement Mixer Trucks:

total truck model Beiben Cement Mixer Truck
diring type 8×4
total weight 31000kgs
Kerb weight 17300kgs
outside dimension 11050*2500*3990mm
Chassis Specs chassis model ND13102D34J
Cabin Beiben Cabin with one bed, air condition
engine model WP10.336 336HP, WD615.87, 290HP
Gear box FAST 12 Forwards
wheelbase 1950+3400+1450, 1950+3450+1350
tire specs 11.00-20, 11.00R20 , 12.00R20
water tanker mixer capacity 15000Liters to 18000Liters
tank material Q345, body thickness: 6mm, head: 8mm
Germany ZF Hydraulic pump, Germany Hydraulic Motor, Germany ZF Speed Reducer, China Brand Radiator


The main equipment of concrete mixer truck:

1.Concreter mixer truck completer bottom frame, mixer tube, transmission system( driving system), hydraulic driving system, water system, loading and discharge system, operation platform and protective equipment.

The special Concreter mixer truck:

We can produce Dongfeng series Concrete mixer truck, Faw, Steyr, Howo concrete mixer truck, Foton Auman Concrete mixer truck, Benbei Concrete Mixer Truck.

Concrete Mixer Truck also name Mixer truck. We have advantage technology and can provide good quality mixer truck.

We have 3,000Lts, 3500Lts, 4000Lts, 5000Lts, 6000Lts, 8000Lts, 9000Lts, 10000Lts, 12,000Lts capacity concrete mixer truck.

Oil pump, hydraulic motor, reduction, optional America Eaton, Italy BONFIGLIOLI, Italy ARK, Germany ZF and other brand good quality equipment to make sure the performance and stability, safety and reliability Mixer truck.

The auctual picture of Beiben Concrete Mixer Truck, 15m3 Cement Mixer Trucks:

main compartment of mixer truck: ZF Speed Rducer, Rexroth Hydraulic Pump, Rexroth Hydraulic Motor. Bonfiglioli Speed Reducer

                             ZF Speed Reducer                   Rexroth Hydraulic Pump                 Rexroth Hydraulic Motor

Bonfiglioli Speed Reducer                        Eaton Hydraulic Pump                          Eaton Hydraulic Motor


Beibe Truck characterstic:

Cab: all steel structure;

frame: beiben unique frame, using the special material, punching in one time, high-loading ability.

Better instrument board;

High Quality suspension, prove the stability of vehicle and using life.

Unique axle reduction hub, climbing ability and pass though ability is outstanding.

Inner Decoration: Humanity design, Has high driving comfortable



Engine Features introduced:

matured Euro 2 engine, high power with low consumption,engine with engine braking system(WEVB

Transmission Features introduced

We have two types: Fuller technology and ZF technology, Torque range is extensive.

our mixer truck producing line:

Unique advantages of our Concrete Mixer Truck ,mixer trucks:

Our concrete mixer truck has absorbed the technical essence of mixer truck both in China and abroad. And adopt a lot of new technology and new producing equipment to make the mixer truck have many special advantages:

1. The mixing drum shell and blade made of special material T610, has higher wear resistance and increase the service life of the mixing drum shell.

2. Larger spiral angle is more conducive to discharge, with lower residue feeding rate; increase internal auxiliary blade to make concrete fall better effect, effectively improve the quality of mixing.

3. The rolling ring of the mixing drum is made of cast steel with integral casting. Goodquality bearings, the service life is guaranteed on the basic of reliability.

4. The hydraulic system adopts closed hydraulic circuit to ensure the reliable performance of the mixer;

5. lighting system is installed and operated in the cabin of mixer truck,

6. Safe, reliable, light and easy to operate. The driving room is equipped with a mixing cylinder, a rotating self-locking mechanism, and a beautiful appearance design;

7. Automatic welding process, tank painting is baking process

Welcome to visit our factory in Suizhou City, Hubei Province, China

we can provide your different model mixer truck

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