8×4 Beiben Dump Truck, 12Wheel Beiben Truck, 30Tons Dump Truck, Beiben Tipper Trucks

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1.NEW Beiben Tipper Truck

2.Chassis model:ND3100 with one bed
3.Color: Yellow or Red
4.Drive type: LHD
5.Cabin: with A/C
6.Engine Brand: WEICHAI
Engine model: WD615.50 WD615.44;WD615.34,WD615.46,WD615.375
Engine power: 280HP TO 420HP
7.Tyre: 12.00-20

8.Cargo body size:
6800, 7000, 7200*2300*1500mm

9.Thickness of bottom: 8mm, thickness of cargo body:6mm
200# cylinder, location: front tipping
One back door.
10.Hubei Runli Water Truck Factory Directly sales. fast delivery
11.Manufacter by Hubei Runli Special Automobile Co.,,Ltd.
12.Payment terms: LC or TT
13.Delivery time: 25days
14.factory in Suizhou City, Hubei Province, China
15.Sales Manager: Ms.Pinky
16.Whatsapp: 0086 15897603919 / QQ: 752517490

Product Description

8×4 Beiben Dump Truck, 12Wheel Beiben Truck, 30Tons Dump Truck, Beiben Tipper Trucks


Introduction of Beiben Dump Truck

NG80-KY: The overall designing of the vehicles is pleasing to the eyes. The brand new NG80B driving cab is created by the company. The structure of metal framework and stressed-skin exclusive to the domestic heavy-duty trucks makes possible the security of European vehicles at the same level, and can satisfy the requirements of European ECER29 Security Regulations. The vehicle frame is molded by stamping and this guarantees the strength of the crossbeams. The axle technique unique to Benz vehicles boasts of features such as high reliability, fuel economy, high attendance rate, strengthened structure, large cargo capacity, all making it suitable for engineering projects such as road and bridge construction, water conservancy projects, as well as transportation of various heavy goods.6×4

Parameter of 8×4 12Wheels Beiben Dump Truck  :

type 3128/8×4 3132/8×4 3134/8×4 3136/8×4 3138/8×4 3142/8×4
wheel base 1500+3550+1450; 1500+4750+1450; 1500+5050+1450
complete vehicle kerb(kgs) 14500 15300 15000 15400 15400 15400
Engine type WD615.50 WD615.44 WD615.34 WD615.46 WD12.375 WD12.420
6Cylinder in line, 4strokes, trubocharged coo, water cooling
rated power(kw/rpm) 206(280)2200 235(320)2200 250(340)2200 266(360)2200 276(380)2200 309(420)2200
Max.torque(Nm/rpm) 1160 1250 1350 1460 1460 1750
Emission stardrad Euro 2
clutch GFX420
gearbox 5S-111GP RT11509C 12JS160T 12JS200T
steering TAS85(Optional is ZF8098)
Fuel tank capacity(L) 400
Frame of vehicle Fish belly shape, variable width, variable section side beam structure
double front axle VL4/15D-7.5, Double-shoe pneumatic brake, non-driving steering axle
Middle axle HD7/016DGS-13, Dobule shop pneumatic brake, ductile cating, with hub redactor, double reduction driving axle
rear axle HL7/015DS-13, Dobule shop pneumatic brake, ductile cating, with hub redactor, double reduction driving axle
cab Long cab with single sleeper, full steel skeleton structure, covered with double layer steel palte; cab be tipped forwardly
tire 12.00-20 (optional: 12.00R20; 12.00R22.5; 12.00-24; 12.00R24)

Beibe Truck characterstic:

Cab: all steel structure;

frame: beiben unique frame, using the special material, punching in one time, high-loading ability.

Better instrument board;

High Quality suspension, prove the stability of vehicle and using life.

Unique axle reduction hub, climbing ability and pass though ability is outstanding.

Inner Decoration: Humanity design, Has high driving comfortable


Engine Features introduced:

matured Euro 2 engine, high power with low consumption,engine with engine braking system(WEVB

Transmission Features introduced

We have two types: Fuller technology and ZF technology, Torque range is extensive.

More Beiben Dump Truck for you choice:

Welcome to visit our factory in Suizhou City, Hubei Province, China

we can provide your different model dump tucks

More specs , photos, price, delivery time and other need,

please contact with Ms Pinky. Hotline: 0086 15897603919

Welcome to visit our company! suizhou city, Hubei Province.



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