FTR ISUZU Aircraft Tanker Truck

FTR ISUZU Aircraft Tanker Truck
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FTR ISUZU Aircraft Tanker Truck

1. ISUZU Brand Chassis
With air condition, power steering.
2.Color: White body and white cabin
3.Drive type: LHD
4. Engine model/Power 4HK1-TC50/ 205HP
5. 11R22.5 tyres
6.Capacity: 12000Liters(4 compartments)
7.With Water Pump
8.With front, side spray nozzle, rear platform spraying monitor for Clean Street raod.
9.Hubei Runli Water Truck Factory Directly sales. fast delivery
10.Optional stainless Steel Pump, fill drinking water into tank body or dishcarge drinking water outside by stainless steel pump. good quality.
11.Manufacter by Hubei Runli Special Automobile Co.,,Ltd.
12.Payment terms: LC or TT
13.Delivery time: 25days
14.factory in Suizhou City, Hubei Province, China
15.Sales Manager: Ms.Pinky
Whatsapp: 0086 15897603919 / QQ: 752517490

Product Description

FTR ISUZU Aircraft Tanker Truck :

The ISUZU FTR aircraft tank-type fuel tanker truck is composed of a ISUZU chassis and an oil tank, a pump oil system, a control system and an operation part, and has functions of filtering, metering, refueling, pumping, self-circulation, and pressure control.

The standard volume of the oil tank is 13500 liters, (the volume can be customized)
The material of the oil tank is aluminum-magnesium alloy, and its design and construction comply with relevant national standards.
There is a sewage system at the bottom of the oil tank.
The oil tank is provided with high and low liquid level closing control devices.
Anti-wave plates are set in the oil, and each anti-wave plate has flow holes and manholes.
An anti-skid walking platform is arranged at the top of the oil tank, and an anti-skid human ladder is arranged at the rear.
manhole covers for oil tank
> The oil tank is equipped with a float level gauge.
The oil filling device at the bottom of the oil tank has a one-way control function.

Charactersitic of ISUZU FTR aircraft tank-type fuel tanker truck:

ISUZU 4*2 Driving chassis, ISUZU 4HK1-TC50 205HP, ISUZU MLD Six Forwards, with air condition, power steering, electrical windows, 6.3Tons Front alxe, 13Tons Rear axle, with ABS. tire: 11R22.5

ISUZU Aircraft tank refueling truck is Comply with the industry standards (standard number MH / T6101-2013) and the latest standards of EI (API) and EN12312-5 issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of China

The pump oil system can meet the needs of the following functions or tasks:
(1) The fuel in the fuel tank of the vehicle is filtered and metered and filled into other oil receiving equipment
(2) Filter and meter the fuel in other containers that meet the pumping conditions (such as aircraft fuel tanks) to the vehicle’s fuel tank (and
Ensure that the high level shut-off device is effective);
(3) Circulate and stir the fuel in the tank of the vehicle
(4) Use as a mobile pumping station
(5) Pump the fuel in the filter / water separator and the fuel filler hose back to the vehicle
(6) The pump oil pipeline adopts a four-way valve process, and there must be no bypass pipeline downstream of the flowmeter to avoid obvious errors between the actual fueling amount and the flowmeter indication.

With deadman control valve, The deadman control system uses electric control, and the length of the control line can move freely within 15 meters, so that the oiler can quickly and quickly stop fueling in an emergency. Install a sealed, aluminum alloy box in a suitable position on the operation surface for storing the control cables and control switches of the Deadman. Malfunction occurred.

Detail Specification of ISUZU FTR aircraft tank-type fuel tanker truck:

Products Technical Specification
Type ISUZU FTR with USB, Radio, ABS, air condition
Brand ISUZU 4*2
Cab Power steering
Vehicle Description  
Overall dimensions(mm) 7800*2500*2850
Curb weight(vehicle) (kg) 7900
Loading capacity (kg) 10000
Max speed (Km/h) 95-120
Model/Rated Power 4HK1-TC501
Displacement/ power 5193L /150kw (205HP)
Emission Standard Euro 5
manufacturer ISUZU motor Co., Ltd.
Diesel 4-stroke, 4-cylnder in line with water cooling, turbo charging
Chassis Description
Wheel base 4700
Front axle 6.3T
Rear axle 13T
Front tread / rear tread 1960/1855
Gear box ISUZU MLD 6-speed
Brake system Oil brake braking
Operation control system Power Steering
Electric system 24V
Tyres 10.00R20
Capacity of tank body 13500itres
ISUZU MLD 6 forwards + 1 reverse, with air condition, power steering, Electrical glass, USB

System Brake: air Brake

Front Axle( Loading capacity): 6.3T

Rear Axle( Loading Capacity): 13T

Battery: 12V*2  115Ah*2

The Picture of 98HP ISUZU Mini Fuel Truck 2500Liters:

            We take good quality steel plate to make high quality tank body by advanced modern machine.

Automatic welding machine for vertical welding line and Automatic welding machine for Horizontal welding line:

Good quality carbon steel Q235, stainless steel 3043# material for fuel tank body, water tank, dirty water tank, fecal tank, suction tank ……..

Automatic welding machine for different tank body for fuel, diesel, water , dirty water and so on to keep good quality fuel tank truck, water truck, suction truck, vacuum trucks.

Automatic bending machine for fuel tank truck:


Hydraulic pressure head model machine, to protect the wave of water or fuel to tank body.

we have proffessional workers and engineers to install good quality fuel tank truck.

we can provide 3 000Liters to 60000Liters tank truck and tank trailers.

clean and neat workshops for our company.

professional painting room for fuel tank body, water tank and different special trucks.

More ISUZU fuel truck, Please contact With Ms.Pinky

Whatsapp: 0086 15897603919


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