ISUZU GIGA Potable Water Delivery Trucks 4000Gallons Export to Rwanda

ISUZU GIGA Stainless steel water truck 304-2B
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NEW ISUZU GIGA Potable Water Delivery Trucks
1.Color: White Cabin, White Body
2.Drive type: LHD
3.Cabin: with A/C
4.Engine Model: 6UZ1-TCG50  / 380Hp
5.Engine power: 380Hp
6.Tyre: 315/80R22.5 or 12.00R22.5.
7.Stainless Steel Tanker Capacity: 4000Gallon / 15000Liters 304-2B
8.Optional stainless steel Water Water Pump.
9.With front, side spray nozzle, rear platform spraying monitor for Clean Street raod.
10.Hubei Runli Water Truck Factory Directly sales. fast delivery
11.Optional stainless Steel Pump, fill drinking water into tank body or dishcarge drinking water outside by stainless steel pump. good quality.
12.Manufacter by Hubei Runli Special Automobile Co.,,Ltd.
13.Payment terms: LC or TT
14.Delivery time: 25days
15.factory in Suizhou City, Hubei Province, China
16.Sales Manager: Ms.Pinky
Whatsapp: 0086 15897603919 / QQ: 752517490

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Product Description

ISUZU GIGA Potable Water Delivery Trucks 4000Gallons Export to Rwanda

  • Multifuncation ISUZU GIGA Potable Water Delivery Trucks equipment Stainless Steel 304#-2B Solid Solution Pickline Material,
  • The entire tank is completely polished and smooth, suit for delivery and transport Drinking water, fresh milk and other Drinkable liquid
  • ISUZU GIGA Potable water delivery truck is also equip Stainless Steel Water Pump, water spraying monitor, it  is also used for the road flushing, tree and lawn greening, high building cleaning, construction of road and factories. It has the functions of flushing, watering, transporting water and fire fighting.
  • Multifunction ISUZU GIGA Potable Water Truck, big power, 350-380HP Diesel Engine.
  • Strong, durable, perfect performance

the detail specification of ISUZU GIGA Potable Water Delivery Trucks 4000Gallons:

Vehicle Brand ISUZU GIGA 15000Liters Potable Water Truck
Oversize 8600*2500*3200mm
Total weight 25000kgs
Loading weight 15000kgs
ISUZU GIGA Compressor Garbage Truck cabin inside
Seat 3 persons allowed with one bed
Air condition With
Engine of ISUZU Water Truck
Engine Model ISUZU Engine, 6UZ1-TCG50
Power 380HP (280KW))
Displacement 9839CC/ML
Engine type Diesel, 6cyliner in line Euro V
Chassis of ISUZU GIGA Water Truck
Drive type 4*2 Left hand drive
Transmission Fast 12 forwards, 1 reverser
Wheelbase / No. of axle 5600mm,
Tyre specs 315/80R22.5
Max. speed 90-120 km/h
Paint Metallic paint
Superstructure of ISUZU GIGA 15000Liters Potable Water Truck
Material of tank body: SUS304-2B Polished stainless steel

Suit for drinking water, fresh milk and other liquid food transportation.

With Stainless steel pump, can spraying water to flower and clean street.

Multi-function ISUZU GIGA Potable water truck.

The Pictures of ISUZU GIGA Potable Water Delivery Trucks 4000Gallons  

304-2B Stainless Steel Material The wave-shaped wave shield better prevents the impact of water on the tank during transportation:



ISUZU GIGA Potable Water Delivery Trucks 4000Gallons Function:


2.With Front rusher, rear sprinkler, side sprayer, water gun, outflow valve, fire fighting joint, 2 pcs 3 meters water hoses, etc.

3. Optional: Remote control in cab, Honda pump, cannon, alarm light, sluice gate on the sides, crane, atomizing device, LED arrow lights, etc.

Characteristic of Water Truck:

Material: carbon steel, stainless steel, inner anti-corrosion

It is used for garden environment – keeping, municipal maintains, road building large government department.

Rating speed: 1450r/min, flux: 60m3, suction height: 7.5m, sprinkler width is more than 14m; with front spray and back sprinkler, side spray, with working platform at back of truck, with high pressure monitor, cab be adjusted to column, fog.

Equip high quality watering pump.

ISUZU GIGA Potable Water Delivery Trucks 4000Gallons optional the following equipment for  Working Spraying : 


Water Truck main spraying nozzle and water pump: 

15M3 Stainless steel water tank truck for drinking water Optional install Water Pump for Filling Water and Refilling Water from outlet and inlet:

our Water Truck Water Tank Truck, the tank body is made by Automatic coiling machine and automatic welding machine:

Forest sprinkler Water Truck is painted three layer painting, first: anti rust, second: botoom paint, the last: outside painting, 

customized painting and LOGO. it is optional for customers. 



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