5000 Liters Capcity ISUZU Waste Compactor Truck

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1.NEW 2017 ISUZU 600P QL1071

3.Color: White Cabin, White Body
4.Drive type: LHD
5.Cabin: with A/C
6.Engine Brand:4KH1CN5HS
7.Engine power: 96KW/130HP
8.Tyre: 7.00R16

9.Capacity: 5cbm

10.Cargo body size: 5400*2300*1500mm
11.Thickness of bottom: 8mm, thickness of cargo body:6mm
optiona: 10mm floor, 8mm wall thickness
12.180# cylinder, location: Front
13.One back door.

14.Hubei Runli Water Truck Factory Directly sales. fast delivery
15.Manufacter by Hubei Runli Special Automobile Co.,,Ltd.
16.Payment terms: LC or TT
17.Delivery time: 25days
18.factory in Suizhou City, Hubei Province, China
19.Sales Manager: Ms.Pinky
20.Whatsapp: 0086 15897603919 / QQ: 752517490

Product Description

ISUZU Waste Compactor Truck, 4cbm Compactor Garbage Truck, ISUZU 600P Refuse Compactory Truck, Trash Collection Trucks


Characteristic of ISUZU Garbage Compactor truck:

  1. Compress garbage tuck in clued garbage carriage, sewage tanker, a packer, scraper, shovel, multi-way reversing valve and hydraulic system.
  2. With convenient and efficient garbage collection function, automatically repeated compression and creep function, high compression ratio, large loading capacity, automatic operation, good sealing.
  3. The dirty water is come into the sewage tank during compression; the main part is high quality imported parts.
  4. ISUZU Chassis, Perfect Performance
  5. ISUZU Original Engine, Super Powerfuel, Nice Shape, Rational Structure.
  6. Prolonged service life.
  7. ISUZU Waste Compactory Truck , the operation system could be manual or electrical control.

Specification of 5000 Liters Capcity ISUZU Waste Compactor Truck:

ISUZU Garbage Truck
Chassis Model /Manufacturer QL1071
Overall Dimension L × W × H mm 6550×2090×2600
Total Mass Kg 7300
Loading weight kg 2270
Kerb Weight Kg 4900
front overhang/rear overhang 1015/2715
Engine Model/Rated Power 4KH1CN5HS  96KW/130HP
Emission Standard Euro 5
Displacement 2999L
manufacturer ISUZU motor Co., Ltd.
driving type 4*2
Steering Type Powering steering
Type & Size of Tyre 7.00R16
Tread( front/rear) 1504/1425
Front axle 2.5T front axle
Rear axle 4.8T rear axle
Wheel Base mm 3360mm
Number of leaf spring of suspension piece 8/6+5
Max Speed Km/h 100
Capacity: 6cbm

Equipment: Equipped with hermetic dustbin, hydraulic system and operating system

Automatic compress and uninstall, sewage can be collected by the dump tank.

Pressure is large, leakproofness is good, operation is convenient and security is dependable

ISUZU Garbage Compactor Truck can load different garbage bins, it will be install different rear compactor device. customer should confirm the garbage bin type before oder:

one type garbage bin: 1100L, the rear garbage compactor device:

1100L Garbage Bin.

240L Garbage bin, ISUZU Garbage compactory can load two 240L Garbage bin one time:


3. Compactor garbage truck with rear loader for small garbge truck:

Please choice correct rear loader device.


:More Information of ELF ISUZU 8000Liters Compactor Garbage Truck, please contact with Ms.Pinky, Whatsapp: 0086 15897603919


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