ISUZU Wrecker Truck ELF Flat Bed Towing Trucks


1. 4KH1-TCG40 120HP Engine

2. ISUZU MSB Forwards;

3. 2.5T front axle, 4.8T rear axle,

4. 7.00R16 tire

5. power steering, radio A/C, USB

6.Flat Bed size: (4325+1000)*2280mm

7. Min Tilting angel: 7.5 degree

8. flat bed in/out :2700mm

9. Max. Carrying of flat bed: 2000KGS

Product Description

ISUZU Wrecker Truck ELF Flat Bed Towing Trucks

ISUZU Wrecker Truck ELF Flat Bed Towing Trucks

Road wrecker (also called tow truck, breakdown truck, recovery truck, breakdown lorry, wrecker, police rescue truck,  flatbed tow truck, boom truck, wheel-lift wrecker ) is used to transport motor vehicles or the vehicles that are broken down.

Based on the type or size of vehicle to be towed, wreckers are usually designed into two types. one is Flat Bed Carrier, the other is integrate Recovery Truck 360 degree rotator. or flat Bed Truck With Crane.

The Feature of ISUZU Wrecker Truck, 100P Flat Bed Towing Trucks:

recovery truck

The Picture of ISUZU Wrecker Truck ELF Flat Bed Towing Truck:

FLAT BED ( Folding Down)

Rear Lifting Arm, Drovn By hydraulic at all in/out, up / down:

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