Sinotruk HOWO diesel fuel tank truck 12000Liters Oil Bowser ZZ1167M4611W Fuel Tank Trucks


Main parmater of 18cbm HOWO Fuel Truck Fuel Tank Truck: 

    1. Outside diemension: 10820*2500*333m
    2. Kerb weight: 10885kgs
    3. capacity of fuel tank body: 18000Liters to 20000Liters
    4. Drive type of HOWO Fuel Truck: 6*2
    5. wheelbase: 1800+5600mm
    6. Engine Model: MC07.24-50 1760KW/240HP
    7. tire: 295/80R22.5
    8. good comfortable cabin inside. nice and comfortable.
    9. Four Compartments
      With Fuel Pump
    10. Original: Made in China
    11. payment terms: TT OR LC
    12. delivery time: 20-25days
    13. company type: manufactuer, factory
    14. Contact: Ms.Pinky
    15. Whatsapp/wechat: +86-15867603919

Product Description

Sinotruk HOWO diesel fuel tank truck 12000Liters Oil Bowser ZZ1167M4611W Fuel Tank Trucks  

Main parmater of HOWO 4X2 Fuel Tank Truck : 

  1. HOWO ZZ1167M4611W Diesel Fuel Tank Trucks
  2. Outside diemension:8200*2500*2950m
  3. capacity of fuel tank body: 12000Liters to15000Liters
  4. Drive type of HOWO Fuel Truck: 4*2
  5. wheelbase: 4600mm
  6. Engine Model:266hp
  7. tire:11.00R20
  8. HW13710 Gear box
  9. good comfortable cabin inside. nice and comfortable.
  10. one Compartments
    With Fuel Pump
  11. Original: Made in China
  12. payment terms: TT OR LC
  13. delivery time: 20-25days
  14. company type: manufactuer, factory
  15. Contact: Ms.Pinky
  16. Whatsapp/wechat: +86-15867603919

Functional characteristics of HOWO 4X2 Fuel Tank Truck :

1. According the loading liquids: we can provide carbon steel tanks Q235/Q345/ 16, stainless steel tanks SS304  /SS201/SS316 , manganese steel tanks, aluminum tanks, steel with plastic (or rubber) tanks and plastic tanks.

2. tank body is adopted an advanced automatic CNC vertical welding techniques and head arc butt welding technology, as well as the whole- steel forming a composite.

3. Chemical vehicles equip with active and passive emergency protection devices, to provide full closure remote manipulation of materials handing functions.

4. The tank body is suit for loading light fuel oil, heavy oil, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, caustic soda hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, benzene, cooking oil and so on.

5. Optional install gear pump, self-absorption (centrifuge) pump, chemical pump, heavy, oil pump, stainless steel pump.

6. Shape of tank body can be designed to square round, round,
Heat insulation device such as heating pipes, insulation.

7. optional to install reading meter before outlet and inlet.

8. optional to install self-discharge valve at rail or side of tank body according to the demand.

9. Equip separators [Baffle] to prevent surging of liquid towards bulk head

The Picture of 4x2 Sinotruk HOWO 4X2 Fuel Tank Truck : 

Optional of Fuel Tanker:

1. Special Aluminum alloy Manhola

It is installed on the top of fuel tank.

With tilting emergency overflow prevention, explosion and other functions.

with a built-in breathing valve, when the pressure in the tank is higher or lower than the external pressure, it will automatically adjust the pressure, the more safety and environmental protection for oil transportation , suitable for the storage and transportation of light gasoline, kerosene and diesel fuel.

2. Flow meter.

It is installed before of outlet of fuel tanker.

It also named back to zero flow mter, ususally installed in the fuel truck, used to meansure the volume and flow of oil .

Simple structure, reliable use and high accuracy.

3. Bottom valve of fuel tanker

Also named emergency sht-off valve, installed in the bottom of the tank. There is the cut-off groove on the valve body. In the event of severe impact, the valve body will be broken, protect the tank from the bottom of the pipeline, effectively prevent oil leakage.

4. Refilling machine and 15m-20m hose reeling with refilling monitor.



4. More one section of fuel tank

Easy to separate different oil products

5.Top Guard of fuel tanker: safe , reliable for operator on the top of tank body.

6. Fuel Pump of fuel tanker truck

7. Readig meter, level gauage of fuel tank

It is installed on the side of tank body. Can showed the volume of fuel in the fuel tank body.


Different pipeline system with flow meter before outlet for fuel tanker, it is optional equipment, customzied.

Common outlet and inlet of fuel tanker, with flow meter, with computer refilling machine and hose reel. More one compartments etc.

4 compartments of fuel tanker with flow meter before outlet. 

one section of fuel tanke install computer refilling machines. 

one compartment of fuel tanker with flow meter before outlet : 

with hose reel and flow meter of fuel tanker: 


We take good quality steel plate to make high quality tank body by advanced modern machine.

Automatic welding machine for vertical welding line and Automatic welding machine for Horizontal welding line:

Good quality carbon steel Q235, stainless steel 3043# material for fuel tank body, water tank, dirty water tank, fecal tank, suction tank ……..

Automatic welding machine for different tank body for fuel, diesel, water , dirty water and so on to keep good quality fuel tank truck, water truck, suction truck, vacuum trucks.

Automatic bending machine for fuel tank truck:


Hydraulic pressure head model machine, to protect the wave of water or fuel to tank body.

we have proffessional workers and engineers to install good quality fuel tank truck.

we can provide 3 000Liters to 60000Liters tank truck and tank trailers.

clean and neat workshops for our company.

professional painting room for fuel tank body, water tank and different special trucks.


More ISUZU fuel truck, Please contact With Ms.Pinky

Whatsapp: 0086 15897603919



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