10000Liters ISUZU FTR Vacuum Sewage Suction Truck With 4HK1 205HP Engine Exporting to the Philippines

Jul 03, 2023

On May 26, 2023, two units ISUZU FTR Vacuum Sewage Suction Truck With 4HK1 Engine Export to Philipppines from our factory, Tested before Delivery. 

As a ISUZU Popular Model Truck,, it is equipped 10000Liters Vacuum Tank body, Dumping Tank body. 4HK1-TC50 205HP Euro 5 Engine, The appearance is generous and beautiful, with high cost-effectiveness, and has always been loved by users

the truck equipped 10T Vacuum Pump, Strong suction power and high work efficiency.

The customer communicates the details, signs a contract, prepays a deposit, places an order in our factory, arranges production, and maintains communication with the customer on the production process details to keep them informed of the production progress.

It takes 40 days to complete the production of the vacuum suction vehicle, and then sprays according to the customer's requirements. The vehicle is debugged and the operation video of the vacuum suction vehicle is sent to the customer, The customer felt as if they saw the actual vehicle in our factory.


The process of cooperation between us makes customers feel valued for money, and our products and services are trustworthy!

Philippines Isuzu Vacuum Tanker Sewage Suction Trucks Philippines Isuzu Vacuum Tanker Sewage Suction Trucks with moro PM110W for sale
ISUZU FTR Sewer Vacuum Truck ISUZU FTR Sewer Cleaner Truck,
ISUZU FTR Sewage disposal tanker ISUZU FTR Vacuum Sewage Trucks
ISUZU FTR Sewer truck with MORO PUMP ISUZU FTR Sewage Suction Truck

We also hope that through this cooperation, customers can know more about our products and services. We also look forward to more cooperation.


We can produce different types of specialized vehicles:

ISUZU refrigerated truck, ISUZU van, ISUZU wreckage truck, ISUZU fire truck, ISUZU fire truck, ISUZU Aerial work platform, ISUZU ambulance, ISUZU watering and dust suppression vehicle, ISUZU sanitation vehicle, ISUZU Garbage truck, ISUZU sewage suction vehicle, ISUZU Alternative fuel vehicle and other special vehicles


More information, please contact with me directly, Whatsapp:+86 15897603919

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