5Units ISUZU GIGA 20Tons Water Tank Truck and 10Tons ISUZU Water Truck Expor to Cambodia

Jun 29, 2023

On May 05, 2023, 1 unit ISUZU GIGA Fuel Tank Truck 20000Liters and 2 Unit 10Wheels ISUZU GIGA Water Truck, 2Unit ISUZU FTR 10Tons Water Tank Truck were finsihed produced at our factory, All trucks finsihed testing before delivery, exported to Cambodia. 

For the 5 units ISUZU Fuel Tank Truck and Water Tank truck, the tank body is stainless steel Q304#, Stainless steel Water Truck,Not only can it complete environmental sanitation work such as road cleaning and garden watering, but the sprinkler truck is equipped with a stainless steel sprinkler pump and can also transport drinking water to provide drinking water services for residents.

ISUZU GIGA 10Wheels Water Truck with ISUZU 460HP engine, stronger engine power, Suitable for driving under various road conditions。As a truck with high cost performance ratio, Isuzu has always been liked by customers at home and abroad。

10Wheels ISUZU GIGA Water Tank Truck 20000Liters This is also the third time for Cambodian guests to purchase our sprinkler and Tank truck. The guests are very satisfied with the vehicles produced by our company, and have also established long-term cooperation with us.

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