6units 400HP HOWO Truck With 20Tons Water Tank Export to Ethiopia

Aug 15, 2023

On July , 2023, 6Units HOWO Water Tank Truck 20000Liters Export to Ethiopia from our factory. 

Ethiopia customer is our Long term partners, customer ordered one unit 10T water truck last year. After use, I am very satisfied with the quality of our company's sprinkler Truck. 

This time, we have ordered 6 more HOWO 400HP sprinkler trucks, 

The chassis still adopts the classic 400HP 6x4 model HOWO Model. 

Water Tank Capacity: 20000Liters/20T

The front flushing and rear spraying side spraying are pneumatically controlled and can be operated from the driver's cabin, making it very convenient.


The rear working platform of the sprinkler is equipped with a high-pressure car washing reel for easy cleaning by users

The Chassis specification:

Transmission: HW19710 transmission+HW70 flange power take-off;

Frame: Double layered frame (8+5/300);

Wheel option: regular wheels;

Under car start stop switch optional: Under car start stop switch optional;

Air storage cylinder optional: aluminum alloy air storage cylinder;

Optional reverse buzzer: Optional reverse buzzer;

Engine: WP10.400E22 engine;

Direction machine: Bosch direction machine;

Optional rear towing hook: Optional rear towing hook;

Driver's cab: HW76 new front face driver's cab;

Optional intake system: Highway version intake system;

Fire extinguisher option: fire extinguisher;

Exhaust system: Standard version exhaust system;

Front axle: VGD71 front axle (drum);

Drive axle: ST16 manual adjustable arm dual rear axle (drum);

Fuel tank optional: 400L fuel tank;

Speed ratio: 4.8;

Suspension: Front and rear standard version multi leaf springs (10/12);

Intercooler protection device optional: Intercooler protection device, English instrument

295/80R22.5 tire (mixed pattern/18PR)。

Six sprinkler trucks will be debugged before departure according to the company's departure requirements, and will be shipped from Shanghai Port to Ethiopia

20Tons HOWO Water Truck


20000Liters HOWO Water Tank Truck


HOWO Truck With Water Tank


Water Truck HOWO


20000Liters HOWO Water Spraying Truck


400HP Water Truck HOWO


HOWO Water Sprinkler Truck


20cbm HOWO Water Cart


Ethiopia HOWO Water Truck


10Wheels HOWO Water Bowser


6x4 HOWO Water Delivery Truck


Ethiopia Water Bowser HOWO Water Truck


HOWO Water Bowser


HOWO Sprinkler Truck 20m3


HOWO Water Tank Truck 20Tons


HOWO Water tanker truck


HOWO Truck With Water Tanker


20Tons HOWO Truck Water Tank


20Tons HOWO Water Vehicle











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Training services:
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