Analysis of Common Causes and Preventive Measures for Oil Leakage For Road Sweeper Truck

Jun 25, 2023


In the use of Road Sweeper Truck, oil leakage faults often occur, which directly affect the technical performance of the Sweeper Truck, leading to waste of lubricating oil and fuel, consumption of power, affecting the cleanliness of the vehicle, and causing environmental pollution.

1、 The main causes of oil leakage in common road Sweeper Truck

1. Poor product (accessory) quality, material or workmanship; There are issues with the structural design.

2. Improper assembly at high speeds, unclean mating surfaces, damaged or displaced gaskets, or installation not in accordance with operating procedures and specifications.

3. Uneven tightening force, broken threads or loose or detached fastening nuts can lead to work failure.

4. After long-term use, the sealing material has excessive wear, aging, deterioration, deformation, and failure.

5. Excessive addition of lubricating oil, high oil level, or incorrect addition of oil.

6. The joint surface of components (edge covers, thin-walled parts) is bent and deformed, and the shell is damaged, causing lubricating oil to seep out.

7. After the ventilation plug and one-way valve are blocked, due to the pressure difference inside and outside the box shell, it often causes oil leakage at the weak sealing area.

ISUZU Road Sweeper Truck

2、 Measures to prevent vehicle oil leakage

1. Pay attention to the role of padding. The gasket between the components of the stationary parts of the car (such as the joint end faces, end caps, shells, cover pads, flat enamel cover plates, etc.) plays a leak proof sealing role. If the materials, production quality, and installation do not meet the technical specifications, it will not play a sealing and leak prevention role, and even cause accidents. If the oil pan or valve cover is difficult to compact due to its large contact area, it can cause oil leakage.

2. All types of fastening nuts on the vehicle must be tightened according to the specified torque. If the gasket is too loose and not tight, it will leak; Tightness can also cause metal protrusions around the screw holes or cause the thread to slip, causing oil leakage. In addition, if the oil drain plug of the oil pan is not tightened or loosened, it can easily cause oil loss, leading to a mechanical damage accident of "burning tiles and holding shafts".

3. Replace the failed oil seal in a timely manner. Many moving parts on the car, such as oil seals and O-rings, may experience oil splashing due to improper installation, misalignment between the journal and the oil seal blade, and tilting. Some oil seals may lose elasticity due to rubber aging after being used for too long. If leakage is found, it should be updated in a timely manner.

4. Avoid blocking the one-way valve and vent valve. This causes an increase in temperature inside the box shell, causing oil and gas to fill the entire space and not be discharged, resulting in an increase in pressure inside the box shell, an increase in lubricating oil consumption, and a shortened replacement cycle. After the engine ventilation system is blocked, it increases the movement resistance of the piston, resulting in an increase in fuel consumption. Due to the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the box shell, it often causes oil leakage at weak sealing points. Therefore, regular inspections, dredging, and cleaning of vehicles are necessary.

5. Properly solve the sealing of various oil pipe joints. The coupling nut used in vehicles is often disassembled and disassembled, which can easily cause the thread to break and loosen, leading to oil leakage. Replace the union nut and use grinding method to solve its conical sealing, so that the nut is compressed to solve the sealing problem.


6. Avoid oil splashing from the wheel hub. Excessive lubricating grease in the hub bearing and cavity, or improper oil packaging, poor quality, and aging failure; Excessive hub temperature caused by frequent braking; Loose axle nuts and other factors can cause the wheel hub to splash oil. Therefore, it is necessary to use the "cavity lubrication method (i.e. appropriate lubrication)" to unblock the ventilation holes.

ISUZU Street Sweeper Truck

Due to the oil leakage from the Road Sweeper and the reduction of lubricating oil inside the machine, the lubrication of the parts is poor and the cooling is insufficient, which can cause acceleration damage to the washing and sweeping vehicle and even leave accident hazards. Drivers are reminded to always pay attention to the condition of the Truck.


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