Good News, ISUZU RHD Right Hand Drive Truck 6Tons to 8Tons In Sotck now

Sep 25, 2023

To meet the needs of the driver's seat in the right country, we have specially developed and produced an Isuzu right-hand drive chassis that can be used to modify Isuzu water tankers, Isuzu oil tankers, Isuzu aerial work vehicles, Isuzu fire trucks, Isuzu garbage trucks, Isuzu cleaning and suction trucks, Isuzu suction/suction trucks, and other specialized vehicle models.

RHD Right hand drive ISUZU Truck

This ISUZU Model can be used in the following countries:

More than thirty countries including India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Australia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Ireland, Malta, New Guinea, Fiji, Tonga, Nauru, Jamaica, Guyana, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, etc.


Please refer the following specification of this ISUZU Model:

ISUZU Serial wheelbase cabin Configuration of ISUZU 700P Serial Chassis
700P ELF ISUZU Middle Duty  3360 single row The standard Isuzu 4HK1-TC51 engine is equipped with 190 horsepower of national emission five,
Isuzu MLD six speed transmission,
With air conditioning and directional assistance,
4 tons on the front axle, 7 tons on the rear axle,
The air brake is cut off, and the cab can be overturned,
8.25R16 tires
3815 single row
4175 single row


If you need RHD ISUZU Truck, Please do not hesitate to contact me directly  MS.Pinky whatsapp/call: +86 15897603919


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