How to maintain Water Tanker Truck in daily life?

Jun 25, 2023

The main function of a sprinkler is to clean and irrigate urban roads in daily life. Unlike ordinary vehicles, in addition to vehicle components, sprinklers also have special components such as nozzles and water tanks. If you want the sprinkler to operate well, daily maintenance is essential. As the saying goes, three repairs and seven repairs can prolong the service life of the sprinkler if the maintenance work is done well. Today, I will share with you some knowledge about sprinkler maintenance.

Maintenance method: body part

1. Engine maintenance

Different engines should be maintained with corresponding models of oil, and the oil filter should be replaced during maintenance. Every 10000 kilometers, the diesel and air filters should be replaced.

2. Chassis maintenance

Apply butter every 2-3 months of driving. Replace the transmission and rear axle Gear oil every 40000~60000 km.

Maintenance method: Sprinkler water system maintenance

1. Regularly check whether the sprinkler pump, water tank, water pipe, nozzle, drain valve, and spray gun of the sprinkler are working properly. If there is any damage or malfunction, repair or replace it in a timely manner.

2. Regularly inspect the power take-off of the gearbox and the transmission shaft of the power take-off, as well as the hydraulic pipeline, hydraulic motor, and hydraulic electric valve body. If there is any damage or malfunction, repair or replace it in a timely manner.

ISUZU GIGA Truck Water

Precautions for Environmental Maintenance in Different Seasons

1. There are many catkins and pollen solid particles in the air in spring. In order to avoid the accumulation of foreign matters between the condenser, Intercooler and water tank from affecting heat dissipation and causing high temperature of the engine, regular inspection and cleaning should be carried out;

2. In summer, the temperature is high, there is much rainfall, and the environment is relatively humid. It is necessary to check the moisture content in the dryer and air tank every month, and replace the dryer in a timely manner if necessary;

3. Due to the fact that most sprinkler systems do not require additional antifreeze treatment, special attention needs to be paid to how to prevent freezing in winter. Especially when the temperature reaches below zero degrees Celsius, the water valve should be opened after the watering work is completed to drain the unused water in the car, and all valve pipelines should be kept in an open state to prevent accumulated water from freezing and damaging valve pipelines

ISUZU FRT Water Tank Truck


There are many precautions for the daily maintenance of the sprinkler. If you want to further understand, you can directly contact me!

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