Hubei Runli produces 2 Units ISUZU 700P Road Sweepers export to the Philippines

Jun 25, 2023

On June 20, 2023, two ISUZU 700P road sweepers produced by Hubei Runli Company will be debugged before shipment in the factory and exported to the Philippines from Qingdao Port, China.

This is the second time the customer has ordered a road sweeper from our company, following the 130HP ISUZU 600P road sweeper they purchased in 2022.


The customers are very satisfied with our company's road sweeper, and the service is very reassuring. Being recognized by the users is our biggest return on sales.

This ISUZU 700P road sweeper, ISUZU 700P 4x2 Chassis, 3815mm Wheelbase, ISUZU 4HK1-TC51 190HP 4-Cylinder Engine,Tire: 235/75R17.5

Water tank capacity : 2cbm ;Stainless steel Garbage Bin: 6cbm

In combination with Structural mechanics and aesthetic concepts, the water tank and garbage can are made of materials that are welded once after being bent by numerical control, with high processing precision, reliable quality, neat and beautiful appearance, which not only guarantees the structural strength of the whole vehicle but also meets the aesthetic needs of users; The entire vehicle spraying process adopts the imported passenger car spraying process as the standard, with strong processability, high surface smoothness and reliability, and no fading for more than 3-5 years. Craft design, with clear layers and strong three-dimensional sense.

ISUZU Road Sweeper


Equipment Jiangxi JMC 64KW Engine and the fan are the two core parts of the sweeper. The auxiliary engine provides the power for the fan and makes the road surface and garbage be sucked into the inner of the box body for storage, so as to realize the road surface cleaning function.

190HP ISUZU Truck Mounted Street Sweeper


The sweeping tray is placed in the middle of the four sweeping trays, and the garbage is gathered up in front of the suction cup.

The vehicle is equipped with two stainless steel brushes on both sides, which are wear-resistant, rust proof, and corrosion-resistant, with a long service life. As the main accessory of the road sweeper, the stainless steel brushes are given as a gift of 10 brushes for users to replace before shipment.

Max. Cleaning sweeper width: 3.2m

Stainless Steel Sweeping brush for ISUZU Road Swwper


Rear suction cup, suction cup with internal water spray dust

Rear suction cup for ISUZU Road Sweeper


Electronic control system: CAN bus electronic control system, two sets of operation for the driver's cab and rear, facilitating the driver to adjust the operation mode during the vehicle's movement and operation status, with high safety.

ISUZU 700P 8000Liters Road Cleaning Truck


ISUZU 700P Road Sweeper Can install operation equipment:

1. Rear Sprinkler Dust Reduction: A rear sprinkler is installed below the garbage bin at the rear of the road sweeper. To avoid secondary pollution caused by the dust raised by the vehicle during operation, the rear sprinkler switch can be turned on to spray the dust onto the ground, effectively reducing the floating dust in the bottom air and achieving the goal of purifying the air.

ISUZU Road Waste Sweeping Truck


2. Low pressure flushing: For clean road surfaces, the low-pressure flushing function can be activated, and the sprinkler pump is driven by the chassis power take-off to achieve the low-pressure flushing function of the sprinkler.

8000Liters ISUZU Road Sweeping Truck

Isuzu road sweeper can be used for daily cleaning of urban roads, expressways, squares, airports, docks, tunnels, bridges, docks and other roads.

The efficient road sweeper uses the auxiliary engine to drive the hydraulic oil pump, the water pump and the fan work under the negative pressure generated by the fan, and the air flow sucks the garbage into the dustbin in the closed circuit for storage. The whole operation process is a physical principle, and will not produce the secondary pollution of Chemical waste or garbage leakage to the environment. At the same time, the dustfall after the optional watering function effectively reduces the dust concentration in the air and solves the dust pollution problem. The low-pressure flushing function and the use of a central brush and rear suction cup cleaning method can clean dust and garbage on the road surface, road edges, and other places, ensuring a clean and beautiful road surface.


Our company has a sound after-sales service system:

The company's after-sales service policy follows the principle of proactive follow-up visits, and customers are grouped every six months to conduct follow-up visits through email, phone, or video to check the use of vehicles and provide training on maintenance, operation, and fault handling to eliminate faults in their early stages

For bulk orders, we can arrange engineering and technical personnel to train in the use and maintenance of road sweepers in the countries where they are used.

As the main export country of our products, the Philippines exports different kinds of special vehicles every year, including Isuzu sprinkler, Isuzu fire truck, Isuzu Tank truck, Isuzu Aerial work platform, etc.

We hope that more and more customers in the Philippines will choose our company's dedicated vehicles. We will serve the country and people of the Philippines with high-quality products, the most favorable prices, and the best services.


Detail information Of ISUZU Road Sweeper, please Click on the link below:

Tested Before deliery Video for 700P ISUZU ELF Road Sweeper:


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