Make promotion of Skip Bin Garbage Truck by our factory

Dec 24, 2023

The swing arm garbage truck adopts well-known domestic brand chassis, such as ISUZU, DONGFENG, HOWO, JAC, JMC, BEIBEN, etc

The swing arm garbage truck can adopt a chassis equipped with a unified hydraulic lifting assembly. It can transport the national unified swing arm garbage hopper through the left and right arms. It can have multiple buckets in one vehicle and has a self dumping function, achieving safety, stability, and reliable performance.

The garbage bin body is divided into different forms of garbage bins configured according to the swing arm type and the pit ground dual-use type. Sealed covers can be installed to prevent leakage and flying pollution, to meet different environmental requirements. Leading domestic technology and military enterprise accessories are used, with reliable quality. The manufacturer can provide users with garbage bin drawings and assist users in designing garbage.

The swing arm garbage truck is suitable for national universal garbage bins, with self dumping function and hydraulic operation. The garbage bin can be lifted up and down by itself. The swing arm has a working cycle time of 60 seconds. The characteristic of this vehicle is that the cargo hopper is separated from the vehicle body, which can achieve joint operation of one vehicle and multiple cargo hoppers for circular transportation, fully improving the transportation capacity of the vehicle. It is particularly suitable for short distance transportation, such as cleaning and transportation of urban garbage by the environmental sanitation department.

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