Shacman L3000 Folding Arm High-Altitude Work Vehicle 20 meter Export to Republic of the Congo

Oct 01, 2023

One of customer from Republic of the Congo has ordered Shacman L3000 Folding Arm High-Altitude Work Vehicle 20 meter to be commissioned and ready for departure,

which will be shipped from Shanghai Port to Pointe-Noire

Shacman L3000 high altitude operation truck

Shacman L3000 Folding Arm High-Altitude Work Vehicle 20 meter, The overall size of the vehicle is 9480*2470*3860mm, using a Shacman L3000 Automobile chassis, equipped with L3000 row half cab, Weichai 210HP engine, 8 Forwards transmission, air conditioning, and electric doors and windows.

The upper garment is a three section folding arm with a fixed lifting hook (the lifting hook can be adjusted and has a telescopic function),

max. lifting weight of 1000KG

max. lifting height of 8.3 meters.

Max. operating radius of 7.5 meters,

max. operating height of 20 meters, 360 degree rotation 

Hydraulic support span distance: 5600mm vertically and 4000mm horizontally. The rated load of the hanging basket is 200KG,

the size of the hanging basket is 1080x610x1100MM.

The external pull rod machine is leveled with oil cylinder locking function, and the turntable and hanging basket are operated in two positions, electrically controlled and hydraulically operated. All four supports are horizontally extended, and the balance pull rods are all solid, with stainless steel guardrails.

 Shacman L3000 Folading Arm High Altitude Work Vehicle


Shacman L3000 Folding Arm High-Altitude Work Vehicle 20 meter,interlocking legs and work arms, which is safe and reliable, and can effectively prevent accidents caused by misoperation

 Shacman L3000 Aerial Working Truck

The working pictures of Shacman L3000 Folding Arm High-Altitude Work Vehicle 20 meter are shown below, and the working suspension and turntable can be operated at both the upper and lower positions. Alternatively, a wireless remote control operator can be selected to achieve remote wireless operation.


The main feature of Shacman L3000 Folding Arm High-Altitude Work Vehicle 20 meter is that the hydraulic cylinder completes the platform's lifting and lowering operations through extension and retraction actions.

The hydraulic multi way valve adopts high-quality domestic brands, ensuring safe and reliable quality. The hydraulic system is equipped with a bidirectional hydraulic lock to prevent accidental operation during hydraulic system operation and sudden collapse of the hydraulic oil pipe, which can cause the hanging basket to suddenly fall back.

Once the pipe bursts, the bidirectional hydraulic lock will instantly lock the hydraulic oil leakage of the hydraulic cylinder, and the hanging basket can stably and safely stop at its height without moving at any height.

The hydraulic control valve has both electric and manual pressure relief valves. In the event of a malfunction, while ensuring the safety of operators, the manual pressure relief valve can slowly and smoothly lower the work basket

Shacman Aerial work platform truck 20meter

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