Solution to sewage leakage of compressed Garbage truck

May 15, 2023

Compression type Garbage truck is also called rear loading compression type Garbage truck. During the transportation, there is garbage inclusion at the connection between the filler and the carriage, which often leads to sewage leakage, causing secondary pollution of the road surface. Therefore, it is very important to solve the problem of sewage leakage during the transportation of garbage by compression type garbage truck.

1. Analysis of leakage of Garbage truck

After the compression Garbage truck finishes unloading the garbage, the filler drops to the carriage position and compresses the sealing strip, which plays a sealing role, and its sealing effect is related to the compression elasticity of the sealing strip. According to the elasticity formula F=kx, the compression force is proportional to the elasticity coefficient K and the compression amount X.

Therefore, it is analyzed from two aspects:

(1) Factors affecting elastic coefficient: Elastic coefficient is a physical property of rubber. During use, if the rubber ages, its elastic coefficient will decrease, and the compression force of the rubber will decrease, affecting its effectiveness.

(2) The factor of compression amount: The compression amount is related to the height of the sealant strip.

Check if it meets the requirements

(1) Check if the sealant strip is aging: Disassemble the sealant strip, clean it, and from the appearance, there is no aging phenomenon such as cracking, sticking, hardening, softening, powdering, discoloration, and mold growth. At the same time, whether the hot air aging test meets the requirements according to the national standard GB3512 "Hot Air Accelerated Aging and Heat Resistance Test of Vulcanized Rubber or Thermoplastic Rubber".

(2) Check if the height of the sealant strip meets the design height of 25mm. The height of the sealant strip at the leakage point of the compression vehicle was measured and it was found to be related to the height of the sealant strip.

Fault cause

When the compression truck dumps garbage, it lifts the filler and the shovel inside the carriage pushes out the garbage. After dumping the garbage, due to the presence of sand and gravel in the household garbage, the sand and gravel will embed into the sealing strip, forming slag inclusions. After the filler is closed, the presence of sand and gravel will increase the compression amount of the sealing strip at this point. Over time, the sealing strip at this point will be excessively compressed for a long time, causing deformation and height reduction.

2. Solution to leakage problem of Garbage truck


The most effective way to solve this problem is to replace the sealing strip. The replacement of the sealing rubber strip of the compressed Garbage truck requires professional maintenance personnel. Even if the driver finds a leakage problem, it will take some time to contact the professional maintenance personnel, and they cannot handle it in time. To address this issue, preventive measures can be taken.

Preventive measures: add side water collection boxes and diversion pipes at the left and right of the lower part of the sealing strip of the compressed Garbage truck. When the car is driving, garbage and sewage flow to the rear of the car. Sewage will leak out from the failure of the sealing strip, flow along the sealing strip to the side water collection box, and then flow into the filler through the diversion pipe for storage to prevent it from flowing to the ground.


The use of preventive measures effectively avoids secondary pollution caused by sewage leakage on the ground, solves the problem of sewage leakage during driving, and provides a transition time for maintenance work. It is a new method to solve the problem of leakage in compression vehicles.

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