Tanzania ISUZU FTR Meat Hook Refrigerated Truck 6.5m Length Van Body Good Price for Sales

Jul 10, 2023

One Unit ISUZU FTR Refrigerated Truck With Meat Hook Export to  Congo Through Dar Es Salaam port, Tanzania By our company from Shanghai China Port, for this model, still take original ISUZU FTR 4*2 Chassis ISUZU 4HK1 205HP Cylinder Engine. 

Due to the relatively small amount of pork in the Democratic Republic of Congo, it needs to be imported from Zambia for long-distance transportation. The minimum temperature of refrigerated trucks can reach -18 degrees Celsius. In order to facilitate direct transportation of pork with slaughterhouses, customers have specially installed meat hooks, and the top of the compartment has been strengthened to ensure stability and reliability. At the same time, side doors have been installed to reduce the loss of air conditioning when loading and unloading pork at the pork dispersion point, and the temperature of the compartment has been better controlled, It also reduces the cost for customers to transport pork from Zambia to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Length of the compartment: 6415 × two thousand two hundred and fifty × 2370mm

As a professional manufacturer of refrigerated vehicles in China, we can provide different brands of refrigerated vehicles. The length of the compartment can be customized according to customer requirements, and we can use domestic local brands of refrigerated units or Thermo King

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More information, please contact with me directly, Whatsapp:+86 15897603919

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