QingLing ISUZU GIGA 4x Van Truck, 9.8meter Super Large Single Axles, the Van Box Volume can be about 68Cubic Meters

May 16, 2023


The large Single Axle, SUZU GIGA 4x Van transport vehicle has become a new choice for express delivery companies due to its lightweight and reduced axle size. Its large cargo volume further improves logistics transportation efficiency without increasing operating costs.

Qingling Isuzu Giant 4X 9m 8 Single Bridge


Qingling Isuzu medium and heavy vehicles have all adopted a new naming method, and the old names such as FTR and FVR will be replaced by new codes. Today's ISUZU GIGA 4X Van Truck is the former FTR 4- cylinder model, while FVR and FVZ become ISUZU GIGA 5X. The difference between the two lies not only in the differences in engines, but also in the design of the cab and chassis, which have been upgraded and changed.

First of all, in terms of appearance, the overall body of ISUZU GIGA 4X is painted in white, and the design of the China Open double-layer U-shaped air intake grille brings a good sense of hierarchy to the whole vehicle. At the same time, the grille and fenders can also be equipped with chrome decorative strips, which will be more personalized and fashionable overall, perhaps attracting many young car enthusiasts.

The rearview mirror adopts an integrated design and uses a white paint consistent with the body, effectively enhancing the overall aesthetic. At the same time, the integrated design of the rearview mirror can also reduce wind resistance when driving at high speeds. In addition, the rearview mirror supports electric adjustment and heating functions, ensuring clear mirror surface and driving safety during foggy, rainy, or snowy driving.

In terms of headlights, this ISUZU GIGA 4X VAN Truck adopts a high and low beam integrated headlamp set, and a circle of silver chrome plated trim strips are installed on the outside, which is very exquisite overall. As for the headlight source, halogen headlights are used, but thanks to the huge reflective bowl design, its brightness is still guaranteed, and the transparency will be better in cloudy and rainy weather.

Isuzu GIGA 4X Truck is also equipped with a shroud as standard, which can further reduce the wind resistance of the whole vehicle, thus reducing the impact of wind resistance on power to a certain extent.

The overall size of this ISUZU GIGA 4X Van Truck is 12000 × two thousand five hundred and fifty × 4000mm, cargo compartment size 9780 × two thousand and five hundred × 2800mm, with a volume of approximately 68 cubic meters, is still sufficient for express transportation. At the same time, in terms of the dead weight of the whole vehicle, the curb weight of Isuzu Juka is 8.15 tons, and the maximum allowable total mass of the vehicle is 18 tons, which can load nearly 10 tons of goods, and the loading capacity is excellent.

4-cylinder diesel engine with 210HP and 6 gears


In terms of power, ISUZU GIGA 4X is equipped with Qingling Isuzu 5.193L in-line four cylinder diesel engine, which is 4HK1-TCG60. The maximum output power is 210 horsepower, the peak torque is 650 Nm, and the maximum torque can be output around 1600rpm, which meets the national emission standard for six emissions. If you want to pursue stronger power, you can choose the Isuzu GIGA 5X model equipped with a six cylinder engine.

The gearbox is matched with Isuzu's 6-speed manual gearbox, and the model is MLD-6Q. Isuzu's gearbox has always been characterized by high reliability and easy shifting in the whole industry.

In terms of the rear axle, the car adopts the Dongfeng Dena rear axle, and the tires are low rolling resistance tires, with a specification of 275/80R22.5, which can reduce fuel consumption. Additionally, smaller tire specifications can be selected to reduce the height of the car body and increase the cargo volume.

The fuel tank of Isuzu GIGA Truck 4X is a single-sided aluminum alloy fuel tank with a volume of 400L. If you are not satisfied with the fuel tank capacity, you can choose a larger fuel tank to meet the needs of longer distance cargo transportation.


Simple and convenient interior, high space utilization rate

ISUZU GIGA Van Trunk is praised for its versatility and space utilization, while Isuzu Juke 4X continues this advantage. In terms of interior design, practicality is the main focus, and all button settings are within reach, avoiding the situation of bending down to operate. The width of the driver's cab is 2200mm, and it can accommodate up to three passengers. When two passengers ride, the space is still very spacious.

The Isuzu GIGA 4X adopts a three panel multi-function steering wheel design. The left side is a multimedia control button, and the right side is a constant speed cruise control button, which is convenient for quick setting and adjustment during driving. At the same time, the overall grip of the steering wheel is also comfortable.

The instrument panel adopts a full LCD instrument panel, which can display comprehensive information such as rotational speed, speed per hour, fuel volume, average fuel consumption and so on, and can intuitively display the vehicle status. Compared with the past Isuzu pointer instrument, this upgrade of the LCD instrument can be said to be quite intuitive.


In terms of configuration, Isuzu Juka 4X is equipped with electric rear-view mirror adjustment, original air conditioner, electric one button lifting window and other functions as standard. With multiple storage spaces, it is very convenient on the whole and can fully meet the daily needs of card users.

Isuzu GIGA Truck 4X uses a single layer berth, which is about 70cm wide, and has a lot of sponge fillers. It is no problem to accommodate a card friend to rest. For large single bridge models, the past models often increased the cargo box volume by extending the cargo box, thus occupying the cockpit space, reducing or even eliminating the berth space. While Isuzu Juke 4X achieved 68 square cargo box volume, it still retained 70cm berth, which shows that its space design is very good.

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