The difference between road washing and sweeping vehicles

Jun 28, 2023

With the increase of cleaning vehicles, many users have also encountered many problems in selecting and using them, as many users are not familiar with the differences and usage requirements between Road High Pressure Cleaning and Sweeping vehicles and Road Sweeper Vehicles. Then, here we specially introduced the differences between road cleaning vehicles and road cleaning vehicles.

1. Different configurations

The road Washing and Sweeping vehicle is equipped with two middle wide suction cups as standard, with high-pressure cleaning spray rods and high-pressure water pumps. The cleaning sweeping vehicle is equipped with four middle rear suction cups with low-pressure water spraying function as standard.

Road Sweeper Truck

2. Different functions

The road High pressure cleaning and Sweeping vehicle has a high-pressure water spray function and can be used as a road High Pressure cleaning vehicle. No matter where you go, you can clean stubborn stains on the road and also use it to clean curbs. The proportion of water tanks used for road cleaning of vehicle bodies is greater than that of road cleaning vehicles, and can be used separately as a sprinkler. It can be said that road cleaning vehicles are one of the functions of road cleaning vehicles, road cleaning vehicles, and sprinkler vehicles. Except for cleaning roads, road sweepers only have low-pressure water spraying function and can only be used for dust removal after road cleaning.

ISUZU High Pressure Cleaning and Sweeping Truck

4. Different usage environments


Road High Pressure cleaning and Sweeping vehicles are generally only suitable for urban roads, squares, and other road environments. The road sweeper is suitable for roads, squares, airports, docks, tunnels, bridges, separation walls, curbs, curb facades, especially for mechanized cleaning, cleaning, spray dust removal and other cleaning operations in large city squares.

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