The difference between Sewage Suction Trucks and Fecal Suction Trucks

Jul 12, 2023

Many customers often ask what is the difference between vacuum sewage suction trucks and Fecal suction trucks, and why there is a significant price difference. As an export manager who specializes in selling vacuum sewage suction trucks and toilet suction trucks, I will provide you with a detailed explanation of how to distinguish between these two types of vehicles?

1、 Firstly, it can be distinguished from the appearance of the suction truck.

The fecal suction truck is generally an elliptical tank with a discharge port at the tail, which uses the pressure difference of the tank to discharge feces. An imported anti overflow device is installed to prevent feces from flowing back into the vacuum pump system due to full suction. The tank is designed in a turtle style and permanently does not deform. A Hangzhou Weilong vacuum suction pump is installed, and the suction guide pipe can rotate 360 degrees.

Fecal Suction Truck

The Vacuum Sewage suction truck is a circular tank body, which can be lifted and unloaded hydraulically. The back cover can be opened hydraulically, with high vacuum degree, long suction distance, faster discharge speed, cleaner, and more convenient for cleaning the tank body of the suction truck.

Vacuum Sewage Suction Truck

2、 Functional differentiation:

The fecal toilet suction truck is mainly used to suction feces, sewage, sewage slurry and liquid mixed with small suspended debris. It has the characteristics of high suction efficiency, self suction, self drainage and direct irrigation, and is suitable for large, medium and small towns, sanitation, municipal, agricultural, chemical, factory and mining enterprises, and property communities; Using a vacuum suction pump for self suction and self discharge, the discharge adopts self discharge and pressure discharge.

The vacuum sewage suction truck is mainly used for the suction, transportation and discharge of sludge, feces or sediment in the petrochemical plant's Cesspit in sewers, rainwater wells, inspection wells, Septic tank and various ditches: install an inlet anti overflow device to prevent feces, and the sewage will flow back into the vacuum pump system due to full suction. Install the Hangzhou Weilong vacuum sewage suction pump, which can suction and discharge itself. The discharge is self discharge and pressure discharge, which is affected by the tank structure and shape, The vacuum degree and suction force of the suction truck are not as large as those of the suction truck. The suction truck uses a pressure difference of a vacuum pump for sewage discharge, which is limited by the position of the sewage outlet. Large stones cannot be discharged and cannot be used for the dredging work of larger objects. The suction truck adopts a hydraulic top opening sewage discharge structure, which has better sewage discharge efficiency and effect.


3: Differences in main accessories:

Both the sewage Vacuum suction truck and the feces suction truck use Weilong and our local Brand Vacuum suction pumps, but the power of the pumps is different for the same model. All pump structures of the suction truck are different, and the larger the power, the suction lift can reach a range of 50 meters to suck up brick slag. The fecal suction lift of the suction truck can generally only reach 20 meters, and the pressure borne by the sewage suction truck tank is greater than that of the feces suction truck. Therefore, the plates, fittings, and other accessories used in the tank body are higher than the pressure resistance index of the suction truck.


I hope my introduction can help you choose suitable Vacuum Sewage suction trucks and Fecal suction trucks



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