What are the advantages of telescopic boom Aerial Truck compared to folding boom aerial vehicles

Sep 19, 2023

ISUZU Telescopic Aerial Platform Truck  

1. The telescopic Areial Platform Truck is limited by space and can operate flexibly in tight high-rise buildings;

2. The working height of the Telescopic Boom Aerial Platform Truck is much higher than that of other types of aerial work vehicles, and the height adjustment is strong, which can be completed in the first time for both high-rise and low-rise buildings;

3. Wide working range, large plane rotation angle of the ladder, adjustable to 240 degrees, and vertical working angle up to 85 degrees;

4. The ascent speed is fast, with a full extension of 26 meters taking only about 92 seconds and a full extension of 30 meters taking only about 100 seconds. It also has a safety chain lock, which can be activated immediately in case of a failure of the safety chain lock, fully ensuring the safety of high-altitude operations;

5. Equipped with wireless remote control function, workers can operate the remote control on the ground during high-altitude operations

6. Equipped with a cast iron alloy work blue, it can carry a weight of about 300 kilograms and can be leveled all around to increase the usage area of the work blue. The work blue is always level with the ground, so that workers do not have to adapt to angle issues when working at heights

High altitude work vehicles used for maintenance of road lamps

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the telescopic boom aerial work vehicle mentioned above? The main one is the price. For aerial work vehicles with the same working height, the telescopic boom aerial work vehicle is tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands more expensive than the folding boom aerial work vehicle. This is also the main reason why many users are discouraged. The Folding Boom Aeiral Working Truck is cheap, but there are also other relative advantages


1. The work platform adopts a mechanical self balancing design, and its working posture always maintains a balanced state regardless of the working state, ensuring the safety and comfort of the operators

2. The maximum telescopic angle of the small arm of the work bucket reaches 65 degrees, making it convenient for operators to operate according to actual situations and achieve a reasonable position during operation

3. Three sets of operating systems, including upper, middle, and lower, enable various operations to be completed not only on the turntable, but also on the workbench. Additionally, there is a vehicle deployment system on the vehicle body


4. Each support leg can be individually adjusted according to the actual working environment, and can adapt to various complex road conditions and working environments, keeping the vehicle in a stable state and ensuring the safety of operators.

Used in high-altitude operations such as electricity, streetlights, municipal engineering, landscaping, communication, airports, shipbuilding, transportation, advertising, photography, etc.


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