Working principle of compressed Garbage truck

May 15, 2023

Compressive Garbage truck is an essential environmental sanitation equipment for building a clean, tidy, beautiful and livable urban environment, and we can often see compressed Garbage truck of various sizes shuttling through the streets and alleys of the city. For friends who are ready to purchase compressed Garbage truck or have already purchased compressed Garbage truck, it is important to understand the working principle of compressed Garbage truck:

Operating principle of compressed Garbage truck:

1. When the garbage filling hopper is filled with garbage, the scraper is opened, and the slide plate drives the scraper to move downwards, inserting it into the garbage for crushing and initial compression. The scraper rotates forward to further compact the garbage. After the scraper is in place, it moves up with the slide plate to compact and fill the garbage into the garbage bin, and then returns to the starting position.

The entire working process is automatically controlled. Under the continuous pressure of garbage filling, the push shovel overcomes the back pressure and gradually retreats, achieving bidirectional compression of garbage and evenly filling the entire garbage bin. When the garbage compactor unloads the garbage at the disposal (or landfill) site, it lifts the filler, moves the shovel backward, and horizontally pushes the garbage in the garbage bin out of the frame structure. The garbage bin is welded with reinforced beams and steel plates to form a solid frame structure, with a concave bottom surface and a curved side and top surface. It has a beautiful appearance, light weight, good stress, and does not deform; The push shovel is composed of a steel pipe skeleton and a folding panel, which is not only lightweight in structure but also able to evenly distribute garbage and discharge materials thoroughly and cleanly; The filling device mainly consists of components such as the filling device shell, sliding plate, scraper, etc. Each component adopts a well stressed beam plate or box structure, with a solid structure and light weight.

2. Sealing treatment eliminates secondary pollution. Garbage is in a closed state during compression, loading, and transportation. The joint surface between the garbage bin and the filler is sealed with a special rubber sealing strip. The front end of the garbage bin has a sewage bin composed of the garbage bin and the rear of the shovel, with a volume of 1.35 meters. The lower part of the filler has a sewage bin with a volume of 0.3 meters, The water outlet can accept sewage that leaks due to the aging or damage of the sealing strip between the garbage bin and the filler during use. The sewage bin is equipped with a cylinder controlled or manually controlled sewage valve to facilitate the discharge of sewage at designated locations. The filler cover completely covers the feeding port of the filler, eliminating the phenomenon of garbage and dust flying caused by the disturbance of vehicle exhaust flow during transportation, and making it more aesthetically pleasing.

3. The control system of the electric hydraulic joint control vehicle comprehensively utilizes the advantages of electric control, pneumatic control, and hydraulic control. The pneumatic control system is controlled by the electric control system, and then the hydraulic valve group is controlled by the pneumatic control system, effectively solving the interface problem between the hydraulic system and the electrical system. It fully utilizes the oil pollution resistance of the multi way directional valve compared to the electromagnetic directional valve, eliminates the valve jamming phenomenon, and improves the reliability and efficiency of use; The hydraulic lifting safety circuit is equipped with an explosion-proof valve in the hydraulic system of the lifting filler, which isolates the direct connection between the lifting oil cylinder and the hydraulic hose. Even if the oil pipe bursts, the filler will not suddenly fall and cause malignant accidents, improving the safety of use; Each mechanism of the automatic and manual operation system has two operation modes: automatic and manual. If the automatic operation fails, manual operation can be used to complete the mechanism operation and unload garbage, which not only ensures the efficient work of the Garbage truck, but also provides great convenience for debugging, maintenance and fault handling; The automatic control of engine power output, also known as throttle control, can be achieved through the electrical system to achieve fully automatic control, meeting the power requirements for garbage filling cycles and pushing unloading. In other working conditions, the engine is automatically idle, reducing power loss and failure rates, reducing fuel consumption, and improving usage economy; The advanced electronic control system adopts imported PLC (programmable logic controller) integrated control, and the control circuit is generated within the PLC. The logic circuit is used to ensure that each operation instruction is executed in sequence, while ensuring that each operation instruction is interlocked and only connected externally, reducing the occurrence rate of faults, avoiding accidents caused by misoperation, and improving reliability.

4. The specially set emergency braking button can stop the garbage filling mechanism in any state or position, ensuring the safety of operators and equipment; Convenient operation control operation control boxes are installed in the driver's cab and at the rear of the vehicle. The operation control box in the driver's cab can control pushing and unloading and select operation modes (such as automatic or manual). The operation control box at the rear of the vehicle controls the operation of the filling mechanism and the bucket flipping mechanism, making it very convenient to use and operate. Especially in landfills, operators do not need to get off the vehicle to complete unloading and sewage discharge. Wired remote control devices can be installed according to user requirements.


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