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4000Liters ISUZU Bitumen Spreader Truck

4000Liters ISUZU Bitumen Spreader Truck 

1.The asphalt pump adopts QGB680L (high viscosity asphalt pump, 680 liters/minute);

2. Hydraulic system: manual directional valve; Asphalt pump hydraulic drive motor model 05-90-BD31; Hydraulic pump model CBQ540-L;

3. Spreading width of 4 meters; 26-30pcs  intelligent asphalt nozzles,

4. Control method: rear work platform operation box control;

5. Heating method: burner (G10 Riyalo, Italy)+automatic heating of heat transfer oil;

6. The burner adopts Italian imported G10.

Spraying medium: emulsified asphalt, hot asphalt, SBS hot asphalt

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    4000Liters ISUZU Bitumen Spreader Truck
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    Suizhou City, Hubei Province China
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    Customized Color
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    Shanghai, Tianjin ,Qingdao Horogos, Erlianhot Etc China Main export Port
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    35-45 days
  • 4000Liters ISUZU Bitumen Spreader Truck 
  • Original ISUZU 600P Truck, ISUZU 4KH1CN5HS 130HP Engine. good performance


4000Liters ISUZU Bitumen Spreader Truck :

Products Technical Specification
Type ISUZU bitumen spreader truck with USB, MP3
Brand ISUZU 4*2
Cab Power steering
Vehicle Description  
Overall dimensionsmm 6300×2100×2400
Curb weight(vehicle) (kg) 4970
Loading capacity (kg) 4000
Max speed (Km/h) 95-120
Mode 4KH1CN5HS
Type Diesel, 4-cylinder in line with water cooling,
Max. power/rotated speed 95kw  130HP
Displacement(ML) 2999ML
Emission level Euro 5
Chassis Description
Wheel base 3360
Front axle 2.5T
Rear axle 4.8T
Front tread / rear tread 1504/1425
Gear box ISUZU MSB 5-speed
Brake system Air braking
Operation control system Power Steering
Electric system 24V
Tyres 7.00R16
Bitumen speader tanker equipment
Capacity of tank body: 4000Liters
Thickness of tank body: 4mm Q235 carbon steel.
80mm rock wool insulation material.
Outside cover 1mm Matt stainless steel
Bitumen pump QGB680,High viscosity asphalt pump, 680 litres / min.
Hydraulic system By manual reversing valve; asphalt pump hydraulic drive motor model 05-90-BD31; hydraulic pump model CBQ540-L;
spray width 4 meters; 30 intelligent asphalt nozzles.
control mode after operation platform operation box control;
heating way burner (Italy G10) and heat conduction oil automatic heating;
gasoline engine 6 kw
Special for Emulsified asphalt and hot asphalt
4000Liters ISUZU Bitumen Spreader Truck 130HP ISUZU Truck:
ISUZU Bitumen Spreader Truck
The outer packaging Of 4000Liters ISUZU Bitumen Spreader Truck is made of stainless steel plate, which is corrosion-resistant, durable, and aesthetically pleasing
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ISUZU Automatic Bitumen Transportation Tank
ISUZU Asphalt Spreader Truck
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ISUZU Bitumen Spraying Tanker Truck

Working conditions of asphalt distributors produced by our company in Burundi

Burundi ISUZU Bitumen Spreader Truck
Rwanda ISUZU Asphalt Sprinkler Truck
Asphalt Spraying Truck performance characteristics: 
1.Bitument Asphalt Truck adopts Original ISUZU chassis, with flexible and lightweight handling, and a beautiful and atmospheric appearance, providing safe, efficient, and reliable services for the vast number of intercity logistics customers;
2.According to the needs of spraying amount and operation width, the computer can perform any combination of row nozzles;
3.Both manual and automatic control methods can achieve individual control of each nozzle, thereby achieving arbitrary adjustment of the spraying width;
4.The distribution control of asphalt can be achieved not only in the driver's cab through an intelligent touch screen computer, but also on the operating platform at the rear of the vehicle;
5.The automatic control system of the vehicle can measure the vehicle speed and automatically calculate the rotation speed of the asphalt pump based on the input spraying amount, spraying width, and asphalt type, thereby automatically adjusting the pump number of the asphalt pump through the system;
6.The heating system adopts an Italian imported burner with automatic ignition and temperature control functions;
7.Adopting internationally advanced high viscosity asphalt pumps, external asphalt can be pumped into the tank to achieve "self suction", and the asphalt inside the tank can also be pumped out;
8.The key components of the entire machine (such as hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor, asphalt pump QGB680, proportional valve EFBG-03-160-HF, automatic control system CLW-29-01, etc.) are all made of internationally renowned components to ensure the reliability of the entire machine and improve its service life;
9.On the premise of ensuring that it does not hinder the maintenance and disassembly of other parts, each part of the ladder and handrail are arranged for easy operation;
10.All heat pipes have insulation layers on the outside, reducing heat dissipation while avoiding burns to operators;
11.Vehicle mounted rapid heating system (10-15 ℃/h) can improve heating efficiency and reduce construction assistance time, ensuring spraying temperature;
12.The asphalt spraying rod adopts a three section folding structure. By moving the spraying rod up and down, double or multiple spraying can be achieved. By moving the spraying rod left and right, the spraying range can be expanded and obstacles can be effectively avoided;
13.The manual spraying function allows asphalt to be sprayed through a manual spraying pipe, which is flexible and convenient, and suitable for small-scale and corner construction conditions. Connect the hand spray gun properly. Open the main oil outlet valve, open the switch valve, open the return valve, and use the return valve to adjust the pressure of the spray gun;
14.There is a sedimentation and drainage tank inside the asphalt tank, and a liquid level display, alarm, and safety device are installed;
15.The function of flushing the nozzle can blow out the remaining asphalt from the nozzle through diesel and high-pressure air, preventing the asphalt from freezing on the nozzle and greatly improving its service life. Close the main oil outlet valve, oil return valve, open the pneumatic valve, and open the self priming valve in order to open the nozzle;
16.A good insulation layer can ensure that the static insulation performance index is ≤ 12 ℃/8 hours, and it is corrosion-resistant and durable;
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