Asphalt Distributor Truck

Asphalt Distributor Truck

Asphalt distributor truck is an intelligent and automated high-tech product that specializes in distributing emulsified asphalt, diluted asphalt, hot asphalt, and high viscosity modified asphalt. The application of priming oil, waterproof layer, and bonding layer for the construction of the bottom layer of asphalt pavement on high-grade highways. The distributor truck consists of a car chassis, asphalt tank body, asphalt pumping and spraying system, thermal oil heating system, hydraulic system, combustion system, control system, pneumatic system, and operating platform. The vehicle is easy to operate, and on the basis of absorbing various technologies from similar products both domestically and internationally, it has added a humanized design that ensures the quality and technical content of construction, and highlights the improvement of construction conditions and environment. Its reasonable and reliable design ensures the uniformity of asphalt distribution, computer control is stable and reliable, and the technical performance of the entire vehicle has reached the world's advanced level


According to the configuration requirements, we can provide three configurations of asphalt distribution trucks

1.Normal configuration

2.Standard configuration

3.Intelligent configuration

Distribut Asphalt capacity: 4000L , 6000L, 8000L -10000Liters, 14000Liters to 16000Liters 

1.Asphalt Distributor Truck with a full power take-off, which can start spraying from scratch, and the spraying does not stop when shifting uphill; 

2.. According to the needs of spraying amount and operation width, the computer can perform any combination of row nozzles;   

3. Both manual and automatic control methods can achieve individual control of each nozzle, thereby achieving arbitrary adjustment of the spraying width. 

4. The distribution control of asphalt can be completed not only in the driver's cab, but also on the operating platform at the rear of the vehicle; 

5. The automatic control system of the vehicle can measure the vehicle speed and automatically calculate the rotation speed of the asphalt pump based on the input spraying amount, spraying width, and asphalt type, thereby automatically adjusting the pump number of the asphalt pump through the system. 

6. The heating system adopts a Riyadh burner with automatic ignition and temperature control functions;

7. Adopting internationally advanced high viscosity asphalt pumps, external asphalt can be pumped into the tank to achieve "self suction", and the asphalt inside the tank can also be pumped out;

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