190HP 700P ELF ISUZU Sewage Suction Truck
6TONS ISUZU 700P Toilet Truck
6000Liters ISUZU Vacuum Sewage Scutioin Truck
6Tons ISUZU Sewer Septic Vacuum Trucks

700P ISUZU ELF Sewage Suction Truck 6000Liters

190HP ISUZU Sewage Suction Truck 

1. ISUZU BRAND CHASSIS With air condition, 

2.power steering.ABS

3.Color: White body and white cabin 

4.Drive type: LHD

5. Engine : ISUZU 4HK1-TC51 / 190HP 

6. 235/75R17.5 tyres

7.vacuum tank capacity: 6000Liters 

8. ISUZU 700P Sewage Suction Truck, factory directly sales

9.more than 15 years of experience in exporting specialized vehicles

  • Item No :

    700P ISUZU ELF Sewage Suction Truck 6000Liters
  • Order(MOQ) :

  • Payment :

    T/T LC At Sight
  • Product Origin :

    Suizhou City, Hubei Province China
  • Color :

    Customized Color
  • Shipping Port :

    Shanghai, Tianjin ,Qingdao Horogos, Erlianhot Etc China Main export Port
  • Lead Time :

    35-45 days
  • 700P ISUZU ELF Sewage Suction Truck 6000Liters :

QingLing 190HP 700P Truck: 

Optional: all Wheel Drive 4*4 

1. We are manufacturer, specializing in producing Vacuum Sewage Suction truck many years with good reputation.

2. Our 5-12CBM Vacuum Sewage Suction truck mainly consists of: PTO (Power Take Off), Transmission shaft, vacuum pump, water and gas separator, oil and gas separator, multiple directional control valve, hanger rod, sewage tanker, flow valve, sucking gun, water tank, vacuum pressure gauge and piping system, etc.

3. Standard steel (Carbon steel Q235 & Q345, also the Stainless steel 201# 304# 316# can be choose) for the tank, against corrosion resistant, rust protection and well-resisting.

4.The special parts of Vacuum suction truck with water cycle vacuum pump are composed of power take off, a transmission shaft, a water cycle pump, pressure tank, hydraulic part, pipe line, vacuum pressure gauge, level gauge, and hand wishing device.

5.Vacuum suction truck with water cycle vacuum pump equips high power vacuum suction pump, high quality hydraulic system.

A casting tank, the tank head can open, double cylinder dumping.

The dirty water can be dumped directly through the rear cover, has a high degree of vacuum (greater than the feces vacuum truck), large tonnage, high efficiency, wide application.


 700P ISUZU ELF Sewage Suction Truck 6000Liters:

  • Products Technical Specification
    Type  Suction Truck
    Brand  4*2 
    Cab  Left hand drive, Power steering,with air condition. 
    Vehicle Description  
    Overall dimensionsmm 7000×2400×2760
    Curb weight(vehicle) (kg) 5910
    Loading capacity (kg) 6000
    Max speed (Km/h) 95-120
    Model/Rated Power 4HK1-TC51
    Displacement/ power  5193L / 141KW,190HP
    Emission Standard Euro 5
    manufacturer ISUZU motor Co., Ltd.
    Diesel 4-stroke, 4-cylnder in line with water cooling, turbo charging
    Chassis Description 
    driving type  4*2
    Wheel base  3815mm 
    Front axle  4T front axle
    Rear axle  7T rear axle
    Gear box ISUZU MLD SIX Forwards
    leaf spring of suspension 8/10+6  
    Type & Size of Tyre 235/75R17.5(6+1spare tire)
    Suction system
    volume of tank  6CBM 
    Material of tank  Carbon steel.  
    Model of vacuum pump Pump 
    Absolute working pressure: 400Pa
    Academic suction speed: 45L/s
    Rotation speed: 500rpm
    Diameter of outlet and inlet pipe  50mm
    Painting  One anti corrosion and zinc-rich primer and final painting white color.

6000Litres ISUZU Sewage Suction Truck
Versatile ISUZU ELF 700P model
To meet the needs of urban logistics distribution, medium and short distance transportation, and special scenarios, there are varieties such as a row and a half sleeper, composite board boxes, warehouse grid boxes, and refrigerated trucks Etc. 
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