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Water, Foam and Powder Combined Fire Fighting Truck
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18,000L Foam Powder Fire truck ISUZU
18,000L Foam Powder Fire truck ISUZU
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8x4 ISUZU GIGA Fire Truck Fire Fighting Truck
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Isuzu Emergency Water Foam Fire Truck with Dry powder factory
Best China Isuzu Emergency Water Foam Fire Truck with Dry powder
ISUZU GIGA Water Foam Fire Fighting Trucks supplier
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ISUZU GIGA Chassis Water Fire Tender Vehicle manufacturer
ISUZU GIGA 8X4 Water foam Dry Powder type fire tender
18,000L Dry Powder Fire Vehicle
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ISUZU chassis Water foam type fire tender
Fire fighting Truck with water tanker and water foam tanker for fire Emergency Rescuing
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Water-Dry Powder Combined Fire Truck
ISUZU GIGA Water-Dry Powder Combined Fire Truck
8X4 ISUZU GIGA Water-Dry Powder Combined Fire Truck
12Wheels ISUZU GIGA Water-Dry Powder Combined Fire Truck
18Tons ISUZU GIGA Water-Dry Powder Combined Fire Truck
ISUZU GIGA Water, Foam and Powder Combined Fire Fighting Truck
8x4 ISUZU GIGA Water, Foam and Powder Combined Fire Fighting Truck
12Wheels ISUZU GIGA Water, Foam and Powder Combined Fire Fighting Truck

8x4 ISUZUG GIGA Water, Foam and Powder Combined Fire Fighting Truck

12Wheels ISUZU GIGA Water Foam Tank Dry Powder Fire Fighting Truck

ISUZU 6WG1-TCG51  6Cylinder 480HP Diesel Engine 

Water Tank capacity: 1200Litrs, Foam Tank capacity: 3400Liters 

Dry Powder Capacity: 2000Liters

Can extinguish large oil fires and general substance fires

ISUZU Fire Truck, customization, Factory Directly Sales

2Tons to 25Tons Fire Fighting capacity for choice. 

  • Item No :

    8x4 ISUZUG GIGA Water, Foam and Powder Combined Fire Fighting Truck
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  • Payment :

    T/T LC At Sight
  • Product Origin :

    Suizhou City, Hubei Province China
  • Color :

    Customized Color
  • Shipping Port :

    Shanghai, Tianjin ,Qingdao Horogos, Erlianhot Etc China Main export Port
  • Lead Time :

    35-45 days

6x4 ISUZU GIGA Dry Powder Foam Fire Truck 9Tons -11Tons :

  • Original ISUZU Single row driver's cab with original ISUZU air conditioning, Optional Double Row Cabins 
  • equipped with fire control instrument panel and alarm light control box at the original ISUZU Fire Truck dashboard;
  • The cab can be flipped over for easy engine maintenance.
  • Top loading includes pump room, equipment box, water tank, foam tank, dry powder tank, etc.
  • The liquid Tank capacity of the whole vehicle is 12000L of water, 3400L of foam, 2000L of dry powder.
  • The water tank is made of high-quality Q235 carbon steel plate,
  • the foam tank is welded with 304 stainless steel,
  • and the dry powder tank body is made of Q345R.
  • Equipped with CB10/100 low-pressure fire pump,
  • PL80/48 dual purpose fire monitor, and PF30 dry powder monitor.
  • This ISUZU Dry Powder Foam Fire Truck is widely used in large and medium-sized city fire brigades, petrochemical industry, factories and mining enterprises, ports and docks, and can extinguish large oil fires and general material fires.

 Product Parameters and Special Function Description:


  Water-Dry Powder Combined Fire Truck    
Water, Foam and Powder Combined Fire Fighting Truck
General Chassis Brand ISUZU
Overall Dimension 12600x2670x3290mm
GVW weight 42000kg  
GVW Weight 17820kg
Cab Approach/departure angle 17/13 (°)
Cab Seat 5,6
  Air Conditioner With
Chassis Drive Type 8*4, Left hand drive
Transmission 12-speed forwards 2 reverse by Manual
Wheelbase 1850+4575+1370, 4 axles
Tyre Specification 315/80R22.5
Tyre No. 12+1spare tyre
Max Speed 98km/h
Engine Paint Metiallic Red or as requested
Fuel Type diesel
Engie Model 6WG1-TCG51
Engine Brand ISUZU
Power 339kw/460hp
Displacement 15681cc
Superstructure Emmission Standard Euro 5
Water Tank 12000L (3200gallon) made of carbon steel
Foam Tank 3400L(850Gallon)made of stainless steel
Powder Tank 2000L(500Gallon) made of stainless steel
Nitrogen Gas Bottle 70Liters * 6pcs  
Optional water Fire Pump Model  CB10/100
Flow speed  100L/s
pressure  1.0Mpa
Fire Monitor(water & foam) Model  PL80W
Flow speed  80L/S
foam shot  more than 55m 
water shot  more than 60m 
Fire Monitor(Powder) PF30  
other  Hose high quality, wire strengthened, with cooper wire anti-static
Colour for optional, Air conditioner with



ISUZU Fire Pump ISUZU Fire Pump Vacuum Pump sandwich power take-off for Fire Truck

Fire pump: CB10/60 low-pressure fire pump

Flow rate: 60L/s

Pressure: 1.0MPa

Installation type: center or rear

Vacuum pump: piston type;

Vacuum pump material: wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant to meet sealing requirements;

Diversion time ≤ 35s, suction depth ≥ 7m.

Maximum vacuum degree: ≥ 85kPa;

Vacuum pump: piston type;

Vacuum pump material: wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant to meet sealing requirements;

Diversion time ≤ 35s,

 suction depth ≥ 7m.

Maximum vacuum degree: ≥ 85kPa;

Power take-off(PTO)

Type: Full power sandwich power take-off

Cooling method: forced water cooling

Lubrication method: splash oil lubrication

Control method: The power take-off is operated at the dashboard in the driver's cab, and the combination of the power take-off is convenient and stable, without any abnormal noise.

Installation: The power take-off is well matched with the engine, accurately installed, and there is no self detachment phenomenon after combination.

ISUZU Fire Truck Fire Monitor Fire Pump CB10/60 Foam Monitor Cannon

Fire monitor

Model: PL8/48 Fire Monitor

Flow rate: 48 (L/s)

Range: water ≥ 60m foam ≥ 55m

Pressure: 1.0MPa

Location: Located on the top of the water tank.

Control: Manual control with locking mechanism for easy operation.

Equipment box and pump room

Main materials:

The skeleton and skin are all made of high-quality carbon steel; The internal equipment rack is made of aluminum alloy profiles, and the interior panel is made of oxidized aluminum.

It is equipped with instrument panel and operating system, and the equipment box and pump room are equipped with Roller shutter doors with locks. Weld the frame structure and ensure its strength and stiffness

The space can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the equipment box is equipped with drainage holes.

The carriage and pump room are equipped with lighting lights to meet the lighting needs during nighttime firefighting operations.

Dry powder cannon: Model: PF30

Rated injection pressure: 1.4MPa

Flow rate: 30kg/s

Range: ≥ 35m

Dry Powder for Fore Fire Truck Nitrogen gas cylinder for Dry Powder Fire Truck Dry Powder Reel 40meter

Dry powder system

Dry powder tank: loading capacity: 2000Kg

Working pressure: minimum 0.5MPa, maximum 1.4MPa

Design pressure: 1.6MPa

Nitrogen gas cylinder: quantity: 9,

single cylinder capacity: 60L,

maximum working pressure: 15MPa

Pressure reducing valve: quantity: 1 working pressure ≤ 1.4MPa

Safety valve: quantity: 1 opening pressure 1.6MPa

Dry powder reel (with dry powder gun): Quantity: 1 set; Injection rate: ≥ 2.5kg/s

Range: ≥ 10m; Reel hose length: 40m

ISUZU Fire Vehicle Fre truck light Rotation Night Light for Fire Truck
  Side Lighter Rear rotation Lighter 
Equipment for fire truck Fire Hose for Fire Truck
Aluminum alloy telescopic fire ladder
Different Equipment compartments Fire fighting Hose 
Telescopic aluminum alloy Ladder 

Liquid tank Capacity:

Water Tank capacity : 6000kg foam Tank capacity: 2000kg

Material: Water tank: High quality steel plate, high-tech anti-corrosion treatment

Foam tank: high-quality stainless steel plate

Structure: Frame welding, with longitudinal and transverse anti oscillation plates installed inside the tank to reduce the impact of water inside the tank on the tank during vehicle operation; The front and rear wall panels of the tank body are folded with trapezoidal folding ribs, ensuring that the tank body has sufficient strength and stiffness.

A quick opening manhole is installed on the top of the tank to facilitate the entry and exit of maintenance personnel. The tank is equipped with a device and a filter screen to prevent the water pump from absorbing water and forming vortices, thereby affecting the flow rate.

There is a stainless steel floating ball level indicator inside the tank, which can display the capacity of the fire extinguishing agent inside the tank through the level gauge on the dashboard; There is a drain outlet with a ball valve at the bottom of the tank.

The tank body is equipped with two 76mm overflow pipes and two 76mm injection ports on both sides of the carriage, making it convenient for other vehicles to supply water and add liquid.

Equipment: 2 person ports with quick locking and opening devices.

2 liquid level indicators.

2 sewage outlets with stainless steel ball valves.

4 water injection ports (two on the left and two on the right

Process: Welding is firm and reliable, and defects such as slag inclusion and faulty welding are removed and cleaned; After welding, the tank body should undergo a 24-hour hydrostatic test to ensure no leakage.


Pipe system:

Suction pipeline: The water pump is equipped with Φ The 150mm water inlet can absorb water from natural water sources, liquid tanks, and fire water reservoirs. In addition, the conversion reducing interface can be added to connect the Fire hydrant to absorb water and supply water. The suction pipe is placed on the roof. 1 strip Φ The inlet of a 150mm butterfly valve is used to connect to a water tank.

Water outlet pipeline:

1 roof setting Φ 100mm water outlet fire monitor pipeline and control valve, using flexible joints;

1 set on both sides of the pump room Φ 80mm and 1 piece Φ 65mm manual ball valve controlled water outlet.

Water injection pipeline: 1 set in the pump room Φ 65mm water pump injection pipeline and control valve into the tank;

There are 2 on each side of the carriage Φ 65mm water injection pipe, capable of injecting water into the tank, with an internal buckle interface and a blind cover.

Residual water discharge pipeline: To protect the water pump and each ball valve, a residual water discharge pipeline has been installed in the pipeline, and each valve is equipped with a ball valve.

Cooling water pipeline: In order to cope with various complex situations during operation, the power take-off is equipped with a cooling water pipeline and control valve connected to the inlet and outlet water pipelines.

Our company's fire truck production process:
The fire truck adopts Isuzu chassis, which is specially customized according to the user's requirements. The overall structure is reasonable and compact. The alarm sealing performance and gap degree of all connecting parts are the highest in China at present
Small ISUZU Fire Truck

Liquid Tanak:

High quality steel is durable and the tank body is in the form of a hidden type (including the tank body connecting pipes and internal anti wave plate). The material is made of high-quality carbon steel (Q235A) or high-quality stainless steel material, with a thickness of 4mm. The carbon steel tank has undergone high-tech anti-corrosion treatment, making it durable and durable

Equipment compartment

Durable and sturdy, with reasonable layout

The outer frame of the equipment compartment is made of high-quality carbon steel plates, the inner frame is made of high-strength aluminum alloy profiles, and is designed and manufactured with a hidden overlapping structure. The interior panel is made of patterned aluminum plate, and the surface is anodized, making it sturdy and durable. In terms of structure, the layout of the equipment compartment is reasonable, and the equipment is more convenient to access. The specially designed fixture peripheral device makes the storage of equipment more secure

equiment for isuzu fire truck
fire truck spraying range

Strong driving force in working state, efficient work

Water injection for Isuzu small 2-ton fire truck: check the bearing box and oil level, close the residual water cock and the valve, open the vacuum pump, open the water diversion valve, and then inject water into the water tank; When using the water in the Fire hydrant, the water hose connects the Fire hydrant to the water injection interface at the water tank, and the water is directly injected into the fire truck water outlet in the water tank: open the rear water inlet butterfly valve, and start the fire pump 1. After the fire pump works, open the low-pressure water outlet ball valve to realize low-pressure water outlet 2. When working at low pressure, close the low-pressure water outlet ball valve, and open the monitor ball valve to realize the water outlet from the monitor to extinguish the fire. When the fire truck water pump is used, discharge the residual water in the pump, and close the switch to prevent freezing

Private Customization

Honor reflects meeting different needs

Standard configuration of fire truck: air foam gun, fire water suction pipe, water filter, water distributor, water collector fire hose, hose hook, hose cloth, reducing interface, same type interface, DC water gun spray gun, DC switch water gun, fire pick, ground wrench, underground wrench, water suction pipe wrench, water hose bridge, foam suction pipe, waist ax, fire axe, shovel, pry, etc

Tools for ISUZU Fire Truck
Our 27unit Water Tank Fire Truck Epxor to Myanmar:
Our 90Unit HOWO 4X2 water and foam Fire Fighting Truck Export To Nigeria : 
Our 9Unit Fire Truck Export to Myanmar:


Our company has a comprehensive after-sales service system:
Training services:
Provide free expert training to all customers who purchase our company's products at no cost.
Warranty Commitment:
Customers can enjoy up to one year or 25000 kilometers of free replacement of parts during the warranty period. Provide long-term supply of original accessories and accessories at discounted market prices.
24-hour service
we can design and produced different Fire Truck according to Customer's requirment, including water tank fire truck, Foam Fire Truck, Foam Dry Powder Combined Fire Truck, Emergency Rescue Fire Truck, High Spraying Fire Truck, Water Supply Fire Truck and Mini Fire Truck, Etc.

Welcome to visit our factory In Suizhou City Hubei Province.


Our Advantages:
1.Factory direct sales, fast delivery, and worry free after-sales service
2.Stable performance and long service life. Quality assurance, one year warranty upon purchase
3.Dedicated design team, proficient in core technologies, professional customization
We can produce different types of specialized vehicles:


ISUZU refrigerated truckISUZU vanISUZU Truck Mounted With Crane, ISUZU fire truck, ISUZU fire truck, ISUZU Aerial work platformISUZU Water Truck, ISUZU watering and dust suppression vehicle, ISUZU sanitation vehicle, ISUZU Garbage truck, ISUZU sewage suction vehicle, ISUZU Alternative fuel vehicle and other special vehicles


More information, please contact with me directly, Whatsapp:+86 15897603919

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