All Wheel Drive 4WD ISUZU ELF aerial working platform truck
All Wheel Drive ISUZU ELF Man Lifter Stiff boom trucks
4WD ISUZU 28m Bucket Truck boom truck
All Wheel Drive 4x4 Manlifter Bucket Aerial Work Platform Truck
All Wheel Drive Telescopic Boom ISUZU Manlifter Truck with Aerial Bucket
4x4 ISUZU ELF Aerial Platform vehicle
All Wheel Drive ISUZU Manlifter Boom Trucks with basket
4x4 ISUZU Aerial Manlift Work Platform Truck
All Wheel Driver ISUZU ELF Overhead working truck,
All Wheel Drive ISUZU Truck with Manlift
4x4 ISUZU ELF Overhead Working Truck 28meter
All Wheel Drive ISUZU ELF Boom Lift bucket truck
4x4 4WD ISUZU ELF Aerial platform truck
ISUZU OFF Road 4WD Aerial Platform Operation Truck

All Wheel Drive 4WD Off Road ISUZU 28S Aerial Working Vehicle

  • Export Model All Wheel Drive ISUZU Aerial Work Vehicle
  • 1. ISUZU 4HK1-TC51 190HP Euro 5 Engine
  • 2. Max.Lifting Height: 28meter/28m Lifting Height 
  • 3. 1.5 meter hanging basket to 360 ° full rotation,
  • 4.with front V and rear H-shaped Outrigger,
  • 5.remote control, electric control, manual, and emergency
    6. ISUZU overhead working vehicle , factory directly sales
  • 7. more than 15 years of experience in exporting specialized vehicles
  • Easy to operate, guaranteed safety, fast delivery speed, and discounted prices
  • Item No :

    All Wheel Drive 4WD Off Road ISUZU 28S Aerial Working Vehicle
  • Order(MOQ) :

  • Payment :

    T/T LC At Sight
  • Product Origin :

    Suizhou City, Hubei Province China
  • Color :

    Customized Color
  • Shipping Port :

    Shanghai, Tianjin ,Qingdao Horogos, Erlianhot Etc China Main export Port
  • Lead Time :

    35-45 days
  • All Wheel Drive 4WD Off Road ISUZU 28S Aerial Working Vehicle : 
  • A specialized vehicle that transports workers and equipment to the site for aerial operations. It has the advantages of flexibility, rapid transfer, wide coverage, easy access, and the ability to quickly start work upon arrival at the work site.

Widely used in engineering construction, factory construction, municipal, power, street lighting, communication, landscaping, transportation, mining, industrial installation, equipment maintenance, three-dimensional warehouses, billboard installation, etc


Products Technical Specification
Type ISUZU ELF 700P Aerial Platform Truck
Brand  4*2
Cab Left hand drive, Power steering,with air condition.
Vehicle Description  
Overall dimensionsmm 7200*2400*3500
Curb weight(vehicle) (kg) 8700
Max speed (Km/h) 95-120
Model/Rated Power 4HK1-TC51
Displacement/ power 5193L / 141KW,190HP
Emission Standard Euro 5
manufacturer ISUZU motor Co., Ltd.
Diesel 4-stroke, 4-cylnder in line with water cooling, turbo charging
Chassis Description
driving type 4*2
Wheel base 3815mm/ 4475mm
Front axle  4T front axle
Rear axle  7T rear axle
Gear box ISUZU MLD SIX Forwards
Type & Size of Tyre 8.25R20(6+1spare tire)
30m-32m telescopic boom  
Rated Loading of Working platform 220kg
Max. operation height   30m-32m
Max.  height 5.16m
Max.operation range 13.6m
 High degree at max.operation range 5.6m
Main Equipment:  
Working platform and fence Antiskid walking board and stainless steel fence
PTO system Pneumatic operation
Working platform size 1100x700x1150
Boom style Five telescopic boom, four section booms synchronous expansion
Boom lifting style Boom lifting up and down  
Rotation device 360 degree Continuous rotation
Supporting landing H, adjusted separately
Operation Remote control on the working platform or on the ground, electric operation. Hydraulic operation turntable.
Control system Load sensitive proportional control system, steeples speed regulation.
Leveling system Hydraulic automatic leveling.
Function and safe equipment  
Automatic interlocking device on the ground and working platform prevent the occurrence of
the incorrect operation
Weight device on working platform Display the payload of working platform and overload alarm
Wind speed detection function Real time monitoring of wind speed when warning
Emergency electric emergency pump When the engine and the main pump failure, the staff will be sent back to the ground.
Emergency stop device For emergency stop operation
Night safety warning device Equip strobe lights, lamp
Vehicle level state tester To test tilt state of vehicle, Horizontal and vertical direction.
Engine ignition and flameout Can start and flame control the engine on the ground and platform,

All Wheel Drive ISUZU Aerial Platform Man Lift Truck
A wide range of applications:
high altitude truck

Main performance characteristics of 15/16/17.5meter ISUZU Overhead working Truck:

The front X and rear H-shaped legs have good stability and can be operated simultaneously or separately, suitable for various working conditions

Isuzu Man Lifting Equipment



The main supporting hydraulic and electrical components: load sensitive proportional valves, balance valves, controllers, etc. are all imported part

ISUZU overhead working vehicle


Telescopic Bucket Truck

The landing leg operation box is equipped with lighting for the convenient night work, and the ISUZU Overhead working truck level gauge is installed to ensure the truvk level and saftety

Bucket lift truck Isuzu


The left and right rotation of the platform adopts the form of an electric motor, which is flexible and convenient to work, safe and reliable

Isuzu Hydraulic Working Platform Vehicle


Computer control, automatic amplitude limiting, dangerous work alarm, excellent safety performance. There is a display on the vehicle to display the working conditions of the entire vehicle in real time.

Truck Mounted Aerial Working Platform


The pentagon work arm, with synchronous telescoping, is compact in structure, high in operating efficiency and wide in operating range. The built-in telescopic oil cylinder and steel wire telescopic mechanism make it easier to observe fault points and facilitate maintenance.

Mounted Man Lifter Basket Truck


Aerial work platform lifting truck


The Total vehicle's electrical equipment adopts a CAN control system, with neat and simple wiring. There are two operations for the entire vehicle: platform operation, or wired operation on the ground, which is more convenient to observe the working space, safe and reliable, and high work efficiency.

aerial bucket truck


Aerial Manlift Work Platform Truck

Our company has a comprehensive after-sales service system:
Training services:
Provide free expert training to all customers who purchase our company's products at no cost.
Warranty Commitment:
Customers can enjoy up to one year or 25000 kilometers of free replacement of parts during the warranty period. Provide long-term supply of original accessories and accessories at discounted market prices.
24-hour service
we can design and produced different Fire Truck according to Customer's requirment, including water tank fire truck, Foam Fire Truck, Foam Dry Powder Combined Fire Truck, Emergency Rescue Fire Truck, High Spraying Fire Truck, Water Supply Fire Truck and Mini Fire Truck, Etc.

Welcome to visit our factory In Suizhou City Hubei Province.


Our Advantages:
1.Factory direct sales, fast delivery, and worry free after-sales service
2.Stable performance and long service life. Quality assurance, one year warranty upon purchase
3.Dedicated design team, proficient in core technologies, professional customization
We can produce different types of specialized vehicles:


ISUZU refrigerated truckISUZU vanISUZU Truck Mounted With Crane, ISUZU fire truck, ISUZU fire truck, ISUZU Aerial work platformISUZU Water Truck, ISUZU watering and dust suppression vehicle, ISUZU sanitation vehicle, ISUZU Garbage truck, ISUZU sewage suction vehicle, ISUZU Alternative fuel vehicle and other special vehicles


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