UN All Wheel Drive Water Truck

All Wheel Drive 6WD Water Truck 10Tons for UN

6x6 10Tons Water Truck: 

  • 1. 270HP Euro 3 Engine
    2.  6-Cylinder In Line

    3. 9-speed Transmission
  • 4. Tire: 12.5R20 spare tire
    5. water tank capacity: 10Tons / 10000Litres
  • 6. Multifunction water truck: sprinkler and drinking water transportation
  •    Stainless steel material Q304# for potable water 
  • 7. Dongfeng Truck Water, factory directly sales
  • 8. more than 15 years of experience in exporting specialized vehicles
  • 9. Mini Order: 1 unit
  • 10. Payment terms: TT OR LC 
  • Item No :

    All Wheel Drive 6WD Water Truck 10Tons for UN
  • Order(MOQ) :

  • Payment :

    T/T LC At Sight
  • Product Origin :

    Suizhou City, Hubei Province China
  • Color :

    Customized Color
  • Shipping Port :

    Shanghai, Tianjin ,Qingdao Horogos, Erlianhot Etc China Main export Port
  • Lead Time :

    35-45 days

All Wheel Drive 6WD Water Truck 10Tons for UN 

1.Water truck is also named Water Tanker truck, water sprinkler truck, Pesticide spraying Truck, water fire truck, Multifunction water truck, water spray vehicle

2.The water truck is suit to spray wash all kinds of road, trees, Lawn green, Building   construction, high speed road. 

3.With multifunction, spray, anti-dust, high-low level spray, Pesticide spraying, Fire Water, Guardrail Cleaning and so on. 

4.The water truck also can transport water, drinking water, discharge water and emergency fire function. 


5.The water truck is working by engine drive the gear box, the water pump is drove by the PTO which is installed on the gear box, the water pump will work, the water will be sprayed out by water pump through the filter. 

6.Working range, self-suction height ≤7m, spray width ≥14m, max.range≥28m.

7.The water monitor also can be adjusted to columnar, the range will be ≥28m.

8. Adjust to vaporific, the range will be ≥5m


All Wheel Drive 6WD Water Truck 10Tons for UN Specis Detail:

  • Manufacturer Criteria Specifications
    Model Number DPAB 5X9 Water Truck
    Engine Model  Nepal Emission Norms Turbocharged Water-Cooled Diesel Engine 6 Cylinder In-line
    Displacement  7255cc 
    Engine Power HP@ RPM  290 HP @ rated RPM 
    Engine Torque  1100 N-m @ rated RPM 
    Tyres  Front: 2, Rear: 4, Spare: 1 (6+1)
    Transmission  9 Speed Manual and 1 reverse gear (9+1)
    6x6 Wheel Drive with differential lock
    Steering  Hydraulic Power Steering 
    Ground Clearance under Axles(mm)   360 mm
    Payload  10 Tons 
    Grade ability  30 Degrees 
    Fuel Tank Capacity (Liters)  400  Liters
    Driver Side LHD, Right Side Traffic (US Type)
    Accessories  Standard Jug, 2kg Fire Extinguisher - 2 pcs, First Aid Box with Kit -2 pcs, Tools Kit Standard-2, Tools Box -2 Set, LED Arrow light 2 pcs, Spotlights -2pcs, Roof Mounted Working lights- 2 pcs, Vehicle position Marker Light -2 pcs, Water Pipe -2 pcs, Spare oil Tank -1, Jerry Can with holder. 
    Tow Hook  Available 
    Water Tanker  The water level indicator is always on, the water level is above 8,000 and below 10,000 liters. The tank is properly partitions. 
    Water tanker construction  Enclosure -Mild Steel, Platform with Man holes, Ladder, and all fittings, hinges, valves and clamps/couplings -ISO Standard 
    Water Pump  Auxiliary diesel pump with high density cloth type delivery pipe (35 meters) and all necessary clamps with appropriate fittings. 
    Color  White overall with black UN Logo marking of 30cmX45 cm on top, sides, front and rear. 
    Manufacturing Year  2022
    Spare Parts on Board  Engine Oil Filter-4sets; Fuel Filter-4 sets, Air Filter-2set, Fan Belt- 2set, Head Light Bulb- 4 sets; Back Light Bulb-4 sets; Wiper Blade-4 sets; Side Mirror-2 set, Hub Oil Seal-2 set , Filter screen-2 set, Ball Valve -2 set
    Workshop Repair Manual  Hard copy & Soft copy Available  
    Spare Parts catalogue  Hard copy & Soft copy Available  
    Service Centre   fully equipped service center Worldwide 
    Warranty  25 Month 
  • Optional Material for Water Tank:
  • No.1:SS304-2B Stainless Steel Food Grade Material for Fresh milk, Drinking Water. 
ISUZU Truck Water
No.2: 304# Stainless steel For Drinking Water 
No.3: Carbon Steel Q235 for common Water Spraying Water 
Small ISUZU Water Tank Truck
Tank production process for Drinking Water Potable Water Tank Truck:
The tank body adopts fully automatic welding and is formed in one go. The tank body is installed in front of the chassis and subjected to a water pressure test, and rust proof primer is applied.
Install pipelines and water pumps on the chassis.
Finally spray the topcoat and logo
Different spraying functions of sprinkler trucks:
600P ISUZU Water Cart
Our Advantages:
1.Factory direct sales, fast delivery, and worry free after-sales service
2.Stable performance and long service life. Quality assurance, one year warranty upon purchase
3.Dedicated design team, proficient in core technologies, professional customization
We can produce different types of specialized vehicles:

ISUZU refrigerated truck, ISUZU van, ISUZU wrecker truck, ISUZU fire truck, ISUZU Aerial work platform, ISUZU ambulance, ISUZU watering and dust suppression vehicle, ISUZU sanitation vehicle, ISUZU Garbage truck, ISUZU sewage suction vehicle, ISUZU Alternative fuel vehicle and other special vehicles


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