Instructions of Fire Monitor Fire Cannon Fire Gun of Fire Truck

Jul 26, 2023

1. Model meaning

Fire gun can be divided into water cannon and foam water cannon. According to the fixed mode, it can be divided into fixed and mobile fire guns. The specific model preparation and significance are as follows:

PS8 / 50W: rated working pressure of 0.8MPa, flowering / DC injection, maximum flow of 50L / s

Manual fire water cannon

PL 8 / 48: Manual fire fighting foam gun with rated working pressure of 0.8MPa injection medium of foam mixture and water and foam mixture flow of 48L / s

PSY 8 / 40W: Mobile manual fire water cannon with rated working pressure of 0.8MPa, flowering / DC injection and maximum flow rate of 40 L/s

PLY 8 / 40: Mobile manual fire-fighting foam gun with rated working pressure of 0.8MPa for foam mixture and water and foam mixture flow of 40 L/s

2. Main technical parameters


  1. Water gun performance parameters
name model rate of flow (L/S) range (m) Upper pressure pressure (MPa) Maximum spray angle of (°)
Fixed fire gun PS8/20W 20+10% 50 1 90
PS8/30W 30+10% 60 1 90
PS8/40W 40+10% 65 1 90
PS8/50W 50+10% 70 1 90
PS8/60W 60+10% 75 1 90
PS8/70W 70+10% 80 1 90
PS8/80W 80+10% 85 1 90
PS8/50 50+10% 70 1 /
  1. Dual-use gun performance parameters
    name model rate of flow (L/S) range (m) Upper pressure pressure (MPa) Maximum spray angle of (°)
    foam water
    Fixed fire gun PL8/24 24+10% ≥42 ≥55 1 /
    PL8/32 32+10% ≥48 ≥60 1 /
    PL8/40 40+10% ≥55 ≥65 1 /
    PL8/48 48+10% ≥60 ≥70 1 /
    PL8/64 64+10% ≥70 ≥75 1 /
    PL8/80 80+10% ≥80 ≥85 1 /
    PL8/100 100+10% ≥85 ≥90 1 /
  2. Mobile gun performance parameters
    name model rate of flow (L/S) range (m) Upper pressure pressure (MPa) Maximum spray angle of (°)
    foam water
    Mobile fire gun PLY8/32 32+10% ≥48 ≥60 1 /
    PLY8/50W 50+10% / ≥70 1 ≥90

3. tending

1. When the leakage is caused by the seal failure, the 0-shaped rubber seal factor can be replaced

2, after each injection of acid or muddy water, should be sprayed to wash the cavity of the water gun.

3. After each injection of clean water, the barrel should be in the lowest position, so that the surplus water can be discharged to prevent the fire gun body from freezing and cracking.

4. After the use of the fire gun, the discharge switch of the ball valve should be opened to put the remaining water in the ball valve

5. Clean the rotating parts regularly according to the above operation process every six months, and add lubricating grease

4. manipulation program

1. Fixed fire-fighting gun

(1) Installation of the base flange, pipe connection form and the number of bolts are correct. The nozzle must be in a horizontal position when being in a non-working condition

(2) Control the injection direction of the fire gun through the operating handle

2. Mobile fire-fighting gun

(1) Move the gun to the fire site: spread out the leg of the gun, lock the leg through the bracket lock mechanism, and point the head of the gun at the fire site, as shown in the figure below.

(2) Connect two 65 fire hose belts to the two water intakes of the gun.

(3) Start the fire pump to supply water to the fire gun, and slowly press it to the rated working pressure of the gun to extinguish the fire.

(4) Control the hand wheel on the gun to control the pitch Angle of the gun, adjust the injection direction of the gun, and more effectively extinguish the fire. (5) After the fire is extinguished, remove the fire hose, put the remaining water in the gun; finally close the legs as shown in the following figure, and then be transported and stored.


5. matters need attention

  1. This product should not be outdoors in the sun and rain for a long time. When used as outdoor fixed fire fighting equipment, apply protective cover in non-working state, often check whether the level and elevation of the water cannon is flexible, and whether the range of motion meets the parameter requirements. The most common faults are inflexible rotation and insufficient rotation range; if the rotation is difficult, add butter at the worm wheel worm.


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