How about High Pressure Cleaning and Sweeping Truck ?

Jun 28, 2023

Very few users ask how High Pressure Cleaning and Sweeping Truck is when they purchase it? In the construction of urban sanitation, washing and sweeping vehicles have become a beautiful scenery that deserves attention. When High Pressure Cleaning and Sweeping Truck help with urban environmental construction, they usually appear in the morning, and when citizens are not yet working, they can truly be called selfless dedication.

ISUZU 600P High Pressure Cleaning and Sweeping Truck

So, what is the purchasing standard for a good  High Pressure Cleaning and Sweeping Truck? Let's take a look. High Pressure Cleaning and Sweeping Truck are mainly used for street cleaning, which is beneficial for urban and rural environmental construction, reduces human resources to a certain extent, and brings good results for urban beauty。


The washing and sweeping vehicle uses a combination of brushing and high-pressure cleaning, garbage collection, sewage recovery, and hydraulic dumping to clean the road surface. This auxiliary motor is used to drive high-pressure water pumps, fans, and working devices. Integrating the functions of a road sweeper and a high-pressure cleaning vehicle, it achieves one-time collection of garbage and sewage. It has functions such as road cleaning, road cleaning, high-pressure cleaning, curbstone cleaning, garbage collection, sewage recycling, spraying, and road wall cleaning. Adopting an advanced high-pressure water control system, the water pump can automatically discharge water when the high-pressure water pump is started and the working water valve is opened and closed.

Road Street High Pressure Cleaning and Sweeping Truck

Many users of cleaning and sweeping vehicles used for environmental hygiene are unfamiliar. In the past few years, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau has used high-pressure cleaning vehicles to clean the road surface. This article briefly introduces the characteristics and performance of environmental sanitation and high-pressure cleaning vehicles, enabling more users to understand cleaning vehicles, purchase and clean vehicles, and truly achieve multi-purpose vehicles. Washing and cleaning vehicles are practical.


There are four advantages of replacing manual cleaning with a washing and sweeping vehicle: the efficiency of the washing and sweeping vehicle is much higher than that of manual cleaning. The cleaning cost of the car is very low. The washing and sweeping vehicle can replace approximately 15 cleaning and sweeping workers at once. In this way, if the enterprise or environmental health administrative department replaces people with washing and sweeping vehicles, it can save wages and benefits, and the enterprise can also increase profit margins.

The cleaning effect of the car is very good. The washing and sweeping car can combine two functions: cleaning and suction. Traditional manual cleaning always leaves dust flying in the air. Although the road is clean, if pedestrians pass by during cleaning, passing through so much gray air can cause damage to the respiratory system, let alone dust on the body. Therefore, the advantages of washing and sweeping cars are obvious.

High Pressure Cleaning Monitor


Washing and sweeping cars can avoid unsafe factors. There may be fast vehicles entering and leaving the road at any time, and Cleaner are still very unsafe outside cleaning. Hubei Wuhuan Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. produces and sells various types of road washing and sweeping vehicles, cleaning vehicles, road sweeping vehicles, fog cannon vehicles, sprinkler vehicles, efficient product operation, long service life, especially in working environments such as garbage and poor road conditions.


Our factory has many years of industry experience, with direct sales from washing and sweeping car manufacturers, ensuring more reliable quality. We have different promotional activities every month!

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