Teach you how to choose the refrigeration unit of a refrigerated truck

Jul 12, 2023

When customers choose our company's Refrigerated vehicles, after asking about the chassis brand, they will ask about the configuration of the refrigeration unit. Choosing a refrigeration unit is an important part of choosing a refrigerated vehicle. Pinky will take you to learn about the refrigeration unit together.

1. Refrigeration units are classified by production location:

It can be divided into imported refrigeration units and domestic refrigeration units.

Imported refrigerators generally include the Thermo King, Carlyle, THERMO, and others.

Domestic refrigeration units are generally commonly used, such as Shanghai Super Cool, Guangdong K brand, Zhengzhou Kaixue, Xiangyang Hanxue, Beijing Bingzhiyuan, Xinxiang Huatai, etc.


2. Refrigeration units of refrigerated trucks are classified by power source:

It can be divided into independent refrigeration units and non independent refrigeration units.

Pinky teaches you how to choose the refrigeration unit of a refrigerated truck

Independent refrigerators have their own independent power source, while non independent refrigerators use the power of vehicles to brake and cool; That is to say, when the vehicle is turned off, the independent refrigerator can still work to ensure the low temperature inside the compartment, while non independent refrigerators cannot. When the vehicle is turned off, the refrigerator will also stop working, causing an increase in temperature inside the compartment and causing the goods inside to deteriorate.

Choosing a standalone refrigerator or a non standalone refrigerator first depends on the size of the chassis selected. A standalone refrigerator has a large volume and requires a certain amount of installation space, making it suitable for installation on large refrigerated trucks; The non independent refrigeration unit has a small volume and is installed outside the carriage, near the top of the cab, without occupying any space.

In addition, the selection of refrigerators depends on the distance of the transportation route. Generally, non independent refrigerators are used for short distance transportation, while non independent refrigerators are used for long-distance transportation.


3. The refrigeration units of refrigerated trucks are divided into two types according to customer needs: preservation units and refrigeration units.

The preservation unit is suitable for refrigerated truck freight: vegetables, fruits, drugs, fresh seafood, tobacco, etc., with a temperature between 2 and 15 degrees Celsius;

The refrigeration unit is applicable to the type of refrigerated truck freight: frozen meat, ice cream, frozen rice dumpling, dumplings, frozen seafood, fresh meat, etc. The temperature is between 0-18 degrees,

The correct selection of refrigeration units for refrigerated trucks can ensure the cost of the entire vehicle, ensure the quality of the goods transported, and avoid greater losses due to the selection of refrigeration units.


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