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8CBM ISUZU Road Washing Sweeper Truck
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ISUZU Cleaning and Sweeping Truck
8cbm ISUZU Washing and Sweeper Vehicle
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8m3  ISUZU Road Cleaning Truck
ISUZU Street Cleaning Truck
ISUZU Road Cleaning Sweeper Truck
ISUZU high pressure cleaning sweeper truck
8 m3 Truck Mounted Mechanical Road Sweeper 
ISUZU Street Cleaning Road Wweeper Vehicle
ISUZU 4X2  8M3 Road Cleaning Sweeper Truck
Cleaner Road Wweeper Truck ISUZU ELF KV600
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ISUZU Road Cleaning Sweeper Truck
 ISUZU ELF KV600 Road Waste Sweeping Truck
Isuzu street sweeping truck with cleaning brushes and water spraying fuction

ISUZU ELF KV600 High Pressure Cleaning and Sweeping Truck 8cbm

  • ISUZU Cleaning and Sweeping Truck
  • 1.Stainless steel 5cbm Garbage Bin, 4cbm Stainless steel Water Tank capacity 
  • 2.More than 3.5meter Clean Width. 2sets Cleaning Brush. Middle wide suction cups
  • Integrating road cleaning, garbage collection, and transportation
  • ISUZU Street Clean and Sweeping, Good Performance factory directly sales
  • More than 15 years of experience in exporting specialized vehicles
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    ISUZU ELF KV600 High Pressure Cleaning and Sweeping Truck 8cbm
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    T/T LC At Sight
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    Suizhou City, Hubei Province China
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    Customized Color
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    Shanghai, Tianjin ,Qingdao Horogos, Erlianhot Etc China Main export Port
  • Lead Time :

    35-45 days
  • ISUZU ELF KV600 Cleaning and Sweeping Truck 8cbm
  • The ISUZU Cleaning and sweeping car is equipped with two brush discs in the middle, wide suction cups in the middle and high-pressure spray bars. It can complete the one-time recovery of garbage and sewage during the operation. The car has multiple functions such as road cleaning, cleaning, curbstone cleaning, road spraying and spray dust suppression, high-pressure water gun cleaning, etc.
  • 1. When using a central two brush disc and a central wide suction cup as a road sweeper, three operation modes can be selected: full sweep, left sweep, and right sweep.
  • 2. The central wide suction cup and the central V-shaped high-pressure flushing rack can be used as a flushing suction truck, with three options: full flushing suction, left flushing suction, and right flushing suction.
  • 3. The central two brush discs, central wide suction cups, and central high-pressure flushing rack can be used as washing and sweeping vehicles, with three operating modes: full washing and sweeping, left washing and sweeping, and right washing and sweeping.
  • Optiona : 4Wheel drive 4x4  4WD 

ISUZU ELF KV600 Cleaning and sweeping Truck 8cbm Specification 
Products name ISUZU 8CBM Cleaning and Sweeping Truck
Outisde dimension(L*W*H) mm 7160×2250×2750
Garbage bin Capacity 4m3Stainless Steel Material
Water tank Capacity  4m3Stainless Steel Material
 Chassis configuration and technical parameters
Chassis brand ISUZU Brand QL1070A5KAY
Engine Model ISUZU 4KH1CN5HS Euro 5
Power(kw)/HosePower 96Kw/130HP
 Displacement(ml) 2999 /ml 
Type 4-Cyinder In Line
Engine Manufacturer ISUZU Company
tire specs 7.00-16   14PR,7.00R16 14PR
Special functional parameters
Auxiliary engine model  Dongfeng Cummins B140
 Power(kw)/HosePower of Auxiliary engine   103Kw/140HP
Sweeping width  ≥3.5m
Operation speed  5-20   kw/h
Maximum operational capacity  60000/h
Maximum inhaled particles  100mm


ISUZU Cleaning and Sweeping Truck
Performance characteristics of ISUZU ELF KV600 Cleaning and Sweeping Truck Performance characteristics:
1. High dumping degree of garbage: In order to facilitate garbage dumping, the water tank is set at the bottom of the garbage bin, making the maximum dumping angle reach over 54 degrees, making garbage dumping more clean and thorough.
2. The hydraulic valve group adopts a well-known domestic leading brand: the test pressure can reach 35MPa, and the flow rate can reach 300L/Min. It can accurately test the dynamic, static performance, and fatigue life of various industrial hydraulic valves and walking machinery hydraulic valves.
3. The advanced design of the auxiliary engine air filter intake system can greatly improve the engine's service life: the quality of the engine's intake air will directly affect the engine's service life. Poor intake air filtration of the engine can reduce the engine's power and burn oil, and in severe cases, it can cause the engine's cylinder liner and piston to be scrapped. Therefore, our company aims to maximize the quality of the engine's intake air, The intake of the engine is directed to the top of the box, making the intake of the engine cleaner.
4. All hydraulic system filters are made of well-known products: to maintain a high cleanliness of the hydraulic system, using innovative hydraulic oil cooling technology. Compared with similar products, the oil temperature has decreased by 10 degrees, extending the service life of the hydraulic oil. The hydraulic system has an overload automatic protection device, comprehensively ensuring the safe use of the hydraulic system.
5. The fan is a well-known brand in China. In order to increase the overall cleaning effect of the washing and sweeping vehicle, our company adopts a dedicated fan for washing and sweeping vehicles with first-class quality evaluation in China. We professionally design an efficient and high-pressure centrifugal fan, and its volute and impeller are treated with super strong wear resistance using high-tech technology. The wear resistance is greatly improved. After testing and comparison, its wear resistance is more than 6-8 times that of similar ordinary fans, making the overall cleaning effect more outstanding.
Auxiliary Engine for Cleaning and Sweeping Truck
6. The high-pressure cleaning system adopts an Italian imported plunger pump: with large flow rate, high pressure, and a rated pressure of 12M/PA, it can effectively flush the facade.
7. The brush driving motor adopts high-quality cycloidal hydraulic motor, which has high working efficiency and long service life.
Sweepring Brush for Cleaning and Sweeping Truck
8. A large area filter screen is installed at the top of the box to reduce blockage and ensure smooth suction and suction. A guide groove is installed at the top of the box to improve dust reduction effect, ensure uniform garbage accumulation, and increase effective capacity.
9. The garbage bin and water tank are both made of ultra-thick stainless steel plates: to prevent early damage to the water tank and garbage bin due to rust, all components of the water tank and garbage bin are made of ultra-thick stainless steel materials, greatly extending the service life of the entire vehicle.
10. Cleaning device with automatic obstacle avoidance protection function or automatic reset function: The brush adopts a spring suspended obstacle avoidance structure to prevent the brush from being damaged by obstacles.
11. The suction cup of the vehicle adopts a fully floating connection structure: it can fully ensure that during cleaning operations, the suction cup can follow the road conditions to ensure that the gap between the suction cup and the road remains unchanged. The rear suction cup traveling mechanism is advanced, and it can easily cross the small Speed bump.
12. The left and right front brush discs can be independent or linked: allowing the vehicle to selectively use the right or left front brush during operation, allowing the working mechanism on the side of the fast lane to not extend out of the vehicle body when selecting the left brush. This not only reduces the width of the occupied road, improves the safety of work and passing vehicles, but also reduces the wear and tear of the brush, reducing operating costs.
13. Adopting a unique manual pump emergency lifting system: able to lift the garbage bin in case of failure of the auxiliary engine and inability to start it, for the convenience of maintenance personnel for maintenance.
14. PLC intelligent control system (optional): This system is a high-tech intelligent system developed by our company based on the manual button operation system. The intelligent control system is a touch screen LCD display, which can operate the entire cleaning and sweeping car operation on the display screen. A one button intelligent control system is installed, which can complete the entire operation with one button. The intelligent system can also detect the condition of the vehicle during use and provide more effective feedback to the driver on the operation status of the vehicle in the cab. When a vehicle malfunctions, the intelligent system can effectively display the cause of the vehicle malfunction on the display screen and remind the driver to pay attention to the operation in advance.
PLC for Sweeper Truck
15. Multiple configurations and options: In order to make the vehicle truly versatile, the washing and sweeping vehicle can also be equipped with snow shovels or sprinkler devices such as front flushing and rear spraying according to user needs.
Rear Sprayer for Street Clean and Sweeper Truck
Side Sweeping Brush for Sweeper Truck
Applicable places of Small Isuzu 8cbm sweeper:
Isuzu cleaning and Sweepig Truck is a new generation of cleaning equipment independently developed by our company, which has multiple functions, including road cleaning, road cleaning, curb cleaning, curb and curb facade cleaning, low-pressure washing, spray dust reduction and other functions, which can effectively improve the utilization rate of vehicles and reduce vehicle purchase costs. It is suitable for mechanized cleaning, sweeping, spray dust reduction and other cleaning operations of urban roads, expressways, airports, docks, tunnels, bridges, isolation walls and curbs.
Isuzu Cleaning and Sweeping Truck optional multi-function accessories:
Optional lifting platform, sprinkler anti-aircraft gun, snow shovel, snow roller, and guardrail cleaning equipment, multi-purpose and cost-effective for one Road Sweeper
snow shovel for Road Sweeper
Road Sweeper snow roller
Our company's professional design team, advanced production processes, experienced technical workers, and comprehensive after-sales service can provide users with customized cleaning, washing, and vacuum trucks. Welcome to visit our factory at any time
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