100P ISUZU Road brush sweeper truck 
Small ISUZU Street cleaning road sweeper vehicle
5.5CBM ISUZU Brush road sweeper
Small ISUZU 100P Waste collection sweeper truck
Mini ISUZU High vacuum road sweeper truck

Small 100P ISUZU Street Clean Car 5.5cbm

  • ISUZU 100P Street Clean Car 98HP Diesel Engine
  • Stainless steel 1.5cbm Garbage Bin, 4cbm Stainless steel Water Tank capacity 
  • 2.More than 3.2meter Clean Width. 4sets Cleaning Brush.
  • Integrating road cleaning, garbage collection, and transportation
  • ISUZU Street Clean Car, factory directly sales
  • More than 15 years of experience in exporting specialized vehicles
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    Small 100P ISUZU Street Clean Car 5.5cbm
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    T/T LC At Sight
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    Suizhou City, Hubei Province China
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    Customized Color
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    Shanghai, Tianjin ,Qingdao Horogos, Erlianhot Etc China Main export Port
  • Lead Time :

    35-45 days
  • Small ISUZU Street Clean Car: 
  • The road sweeper is refitted from Isuzu 100P chassis, equipped with auxiliary engine, fan, clean water tank, dustbin, left and right vertical sweeps, rear suction cups, sweeping disc dust reduction system, hydraulic system, special device electric control system and auxiliary frame (can be equipped with front flushing and rear spraying)

Optional : 4x4 Driving 

ISUZU Street Sweeper Specs 
Product Name Small ISUZU 100P Street Clean Car 
outside dimension (LXWXH)mm 6190×2050×2550
Garbege Bin Capacity 4m3    Stainless steel material
Water Tanker Capacity 1.5m3   Stainless steel material
Chassis configuration and technical parameters of Isuzu road sweeper
Chassis Brand ISUZU Brand QL1070A6HAY
Engine Model 4KH1CN5LS Displacement(ml) 2999/ml 
manufacturer  QingLing ISUZU Motor Power  75Kw/98HP
Tire Specs  7.00R16   14PR,7.00-16 14PR
Special functional parameters of Isuzu road sweeper
Auxiliary engine model 江铃JX493G
Auxiliary engine power/horsepower  57Kw/78马力
Sweeping width  3.2m
Operation speed  3-15 kw/h
Maximum operational capacity 33000/h
Maximum inhaled particles  100mm


Small ISUZU Road Cleaning Truck
Performance characteristics of Isuzu 100P  5.5 cbm Truck Sweeper Performance characteristics:
1. The dustbin volume of the road sweeper is 4 cubic meters, and the clean water tank volume is 1.5 cubic meters. When cleaning, spray water can effectively restrain the secondary dust.
2. The road sweeper uses a combination of suction and sweeping to collect garbage, wet dust removal, electro-hydraulic control, and hydraulic tipping and unloading to clean the road surface.
3. The road sweeper adopts a dedicated auxiliary engine to drive the fan and hydraulic system, ensuring that it can continue to work during driving and ensuring the continuity of the cleaning process.
4. The road sweeper adopts a structural arrangement of "central four disc brush+rear suction nozzle", which is convenient for the adjustment and maintenance of the cleaning device and suction nozzle. The vehicle has good passability when transitioning.
5. The transmission between the auxiliary engine and the fan of the road sweeper is equipped with an automatic clutch, which can ensure the automatic separation of the auxiliary engine from the fan during no-load starting and stopping, reduce the impact on the auxiliary engine, and improve the working reliability and service life of the auxiliary engine.
6. The road sweeper has a collision avoidance protection function and a reset function, which retracts when encountering obstacles and resets when crossing obstacles.
7. According to different cleaning conditions, the road sweeper can achieve three-speed regulation of the sweeping disc in high, medium, and low gears without increasing the auxiliary engine throttle, which ensures good cleaning effect under various pollution conditions and saves fuel consumption and brush hair loss.
8. The road sweeper adopts a fully floating suction nozzle that can automatically level with the road surface, with good dust absorption effect and long service life.
9. The road sweeper adopts imported hydraulic valve groups, which can ensure the stability and smoothness of the hydraulic action of the entire vehicle.
10. The road sweeper adopts high-quality hydraulic motors, which can ensure the stability and long service life of the sweeping disc.
11. The road sweeper uses an externally flipped vacuum tube made of imported raw materials, effectively preventing the vacuum tube from being scratched or frozen, and increasing its service life.
12. The road sweeper adopts precision seamless cold bending hydraulic oil pipes, with no oxidation impurities on the inner wall, ensuring that the hydraulic oil circuit is clean and does not block the valve.
13. The brush arm of the road sweeper uses high-performance engineering plastic spacers, which have good wear resistance and are free from grease and maintenance, saving manpower and resources.
14. The road sweeper adopts a stainless steel garbage bin and water tank, which can resist general corrosion and increase the service life of the box.
15. The road sweeper adopts an ultra wide rear door with an opening angle greater than 85 degrees, making it easier to dump garbage and clean the garbage bin.
16. The tipping angle of the garbage bin of the road sweeper is greater than 46 degrees, making it easy to dump garbage.
17. The road sweeper can also be equipped with front flushing, rear spraying, spray, self-cleaning reel, operation monitoring system, auxiliary suction pipe device, snow shovel, etc. according to user needs.
Applicable places of Small Isuzu 100P 5.5cbm sweeper:
Small Isuzu 100P Street Clean Car is a new generation of sweeping equipment independently developed by our company, which has multiple functions, including road cleaning, road cleaning, curb cleaning, curb and curb facade cleaning, low-pressure washing, spray dust reduction and other functions, which can effectively improve the utilization rate of vehicles and reduce vehicle purchase costs. It is suitable for mechanized cleaning, sweeping, spray dust reduction and other cleaning operations of urban roads, expressways, airports, docks, tunnels, bridges, isolation walls and curbs.
Isuzu 100P5.5 square sweeper optional multi-function accessories:
Optional lifting platform, sprinkler anti-aircraft gun, snow shovel, snow roller, and guardrail cleaning equipment, multi-purpose and cost-effective for one Road Sweeper
snow shovel for Road Sweeper
Road Sweeper snow roller
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