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Jan 09, 2024

Introduction and Function of Sprinkler Truck: Sprinkler truck, also known as multifunctional green sprinkler truck, can be used for temporary emergency firefighting and sprinkling. Each sprinkler truck is equipped with a fire extinguishing interface. Landscape greening sprinkler truck: also known as sprinkler truck or multifunctional sprinkler truck.

Landscape greening sprinklers, water tank trucks, and water transport vehicles. Suitable for various road surface flushing, tree, green belt, lawn greening, road, factory and mining enterprise construction, and high-altitude building flushing. It has functions such as watering, dust suppression, high and low level spraying, pesticide spraying, guardrail flushing, as well as functions such as water transportation, drainage, and emergency firefighting.

The multifunctional sprinkler truck can clean the mud, dust, and garbage on the road surface with a front flush; The rear sprinkler can evenly sprinkle water on the road surface, with a spraying width of more than 14 meters at a time; The front side spray can evenly irrigate the roadside green belt.

Install green sprinkler anti-aircraft guns on the rear work platform (the guns can be adjusted for heavy rain, moderate rain, drizzle, and fog, with a range of>28 meters); Equipped with fire extinguishing joints, automatic flow valves, and sprinkler pumps with a vertical suction head greater than 6 meters.

Precautions for using fog cannon sprinkler truck:

1. When the sprinkler truck uses rivers and ponds as water sources, be careful to ensure that all ends of the suction pipe are submerged in the water. To avoid inhaling stones or a large amount of mud and debris, a filtering device is generally installed at the end of the suction pipe. It is strictly prohibited to remove the filtering device when absorbing water. If the water source is shallow, it is necessary to dig deeper at the suction point in advance to ensure that there are no debris or air entering. The water pump of different sprinkler trucks has different requirements for the water source. The clear water pump requires that there should be no impurities in the water, while the turbid water pump requires that there should be no stones or excessive sediment in the water.

2. Before each suction of the centrifugal water pump, a certain amount of water must be added to the pump, and after adding, the water inlet must be closed. When using a self priming water pump again, it is necessary to add water, and there is no need to add water in the future.

When absorbing water, the inlet pipe system must maintain a certain degree of vacuum in order to suck water into the box. The inlet pipe system must be sealed reliably, the hose must not be damaged, and the hard pipe must not have cracks, otherwise air leakage will occur, which will cause the inability to suck water.

3. Whether before absorbing water or spraying water, the power take-off device of the sprinkler must be engaged while parked.

Before winter arrives, the water in the water pump and pipes should be emptied to prevent freezing and cracking. In northern China, construction is generally not carried out in severe winters. Therefore, after the construction is completed, the water in the water pump and pipes should be immediately drained to prevent future problems.

4. The front nozzle position of the sprinkler truck is relatively low, close to the ground, and the spraying pressure is high, which can be used to flush the road surface; The position of the rear nozzle is relatively high (usually one on each side of the sprinkler truck), and the water surface is wide, which can be used for road construction watering. When using the rear nozzle, the front nozzle should be closed; When using an adjustable nozzle for spraying water, the spraying width can be adjusted as needed. The wider the watering width, the less overlap in the middle, and the more uniform the watering density.

5. During use, it is necessary to regularly lubricate the lubrication points of the transmission assembly and frequently tighten the connecting points to ensure normal use.

The water tank of the sprinkler truck is equipped with a sewage pipe, and the inlet of this pipe is the point of the water tank. After a period of use, the drain pipe switch should be regularly turned on to remove any accumulated debris in the tank until the water becomes clear.

18T -20T ISUZU GIGA Water Spraying Truck

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