Vacuum Cesspit Tankers Mounted On ISUZU Car
98HP ISUZU 100P ELF Combined Vacuum Truck
6T ISUZU Sewer Vacuum Cessipt Tanker Mounted on Truck

6000L Sewer Vacuum Cessipt Tankers Mounted On ISUZU 100P Truck

98HP ISUZU Combined Vacuum Jetting Truck is equipped with sewage suction pump, sewage suction tank, sewage suction pipeline and other facilities. It is composed of two tanks, two pumps (high-pressure cleaning pump, vacuum sewage suction pump), two sets of Plumbing, etc

2000Liters Fresh Water; 4000Liters for Sludge Tank

Small ISUZU High Pressure Cleaning and Vacuum Sewage Suction Truck, factory directly sales

more than 15 years of experience in exporting specialized vehicles

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    6000L Sewer Vacuum Cessipt Tankers Mounted On ISUZU 100P Truck
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    Suizhou City, Hubei Province China
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  • 6000L Sewer Vacuum Cessipt Tankers Mounted On ISUZU 100P Truck :

Dirty Water Tank Capacity:4000L with Vacuum Sewage Suction Pump

Clean Water Tank Capacity:2000L With High Pressure Celaning Pump and Transmission Sandwich PTO


Products Technical Specification of Combined Jetting Vacuum Truck
Type ISUZU 100P High Water Pressure Cleaner Trucks
Brand ISUZU 4*2
Cab Power steering, Air Condition
Vehicle Description  
Overall dimensionsmm 5900×1990×2600
Curb weight(vehicle) (kg) 3,931
Loading capacity (kg) 3,000
Max speed (Km/h) 95-120
Type Diesel, 4-cylinder in line with water cooling,turbo-charging
Max. power/rotated speed 72(KW) /98HP
Displacement(ML) 2771
Emission level Euro 4
Chassis Description
Wheel base 3360
Front axle 2T
Rear axle 4.8T
Front tread / rear tread 1385/1425
Gear box ISUZU MSB 5-speed
Brake system Oil brake belt vacuum booster pump
Electric system 24V
Tyres 7.00-15
Dirty Water Tank Capacity 4000L
Material Q235A
Thickness of body/dish end 6mm
Work pressure 0.9Bar
Tipping Hydraulic tipping at 40-45degree angle,
With liquid level indicator.
With sewage discharge valve at rear of tank body cover
With vacuum suction pump
Cleaning water tank equipment for High pressure Cleaner
Volume 3500L
Material Q235A  6mm thickness
High pressure pump:
Flowing rate: 170L/min
Pressure: 240Bar
Speed: 405r/min
Power: 37.4KW
Transmission Sandwich PTO
Outside sandblasting all the steel and stainless steel parts are sandblasted before painting
Painting primer and final painting in white color


Small ISUZU EL 100P Vacuum Sewage Suction Truck
Main Equipment for Combination Vacuum Jetting Truck :
ISUZU sewer dredging truck ISUZU vacuum tank truck ISUZU sewage tank truck

Tank self unloading:

The cleaning and suction tank body adopts dual oil cylinder self unloading, which is not afraid of stones or dirt blockage, making it more convenient and efficient to pour sewage

High pressure pipe reel:

Standard configuration: 60 meter long inner diameter 19MM high-pressure pipe, automatic return reel with ten conventional nozzles.

Rear door opening function:

The rear door can be hydraulically opened, combined with the tank lifting function, for faster and more convenient dumping of sewage

 ISUZU septic tank truck  ISUZU cesspit emptie ISUZU septic pump truck

Sewage Vacuum Suction pump:

Adopting a water circulation pump with a simple structure and stronger suction, it is not afraid of pump body heating and can work continuously. It can be equipped with Yifeng or Weilong oil pumps as an option

High pressure water pump:

Optional to install Italian joint venture high-pressure pumps or German joint venture and domestic high-pressure pumps with compact structure, small volume, light weight, high pressure, and easy maintenance

High pressure nozzle:

10 different types of high-pressure nozzles, paired with high-pressure coils, for faster and cleaner flushing

Isuzu Vacuum Sewage Tanker Trucks

Combined Sewer Cleaning Vehicle

ISUZU Vacuum Combination Sewer Cleaning Trucks

Multiway valve group


The rear operation box is equipped with a hand throttle for more convenient operation, and is equipped with a well-known domestic brand multi way valve group, ensuring reliable quality and smooth use

Anti overflow valve


The anti overflow valve can effectively prevent liquid overflow and can be equipped with a liquid full alarm device.

Rear cover

 The rear cover adopts a reinforced rear cover to prevent high-pressure deformation and make the tank body more secure



The function of the cleaning and suction vehicle:

It is a new type of environmental sanitation vehicle that collects, transfers, and cleans up and transports sludge and sewage to avoid secondary pollution. The suction vehicle can self suction and discharge, with fast working speed, large capacity, and convenient transportation. It is suitable for collecting and transporting liquid substances such as feces, mud, crude oil, etc

The suction truck adopts a domestically advanced vacuum pump with high suction force and long suction distance, making it particularly suitable for suction, loading, and unloading of sediment in sewers, especially for large objects such as sewage mud, silt, stones, bricks, etc. There are two types of emissions: pressurized emissions and self flowing emissions. The suction truck has the characteristics of high suction efficiency, self suction, self discharge, and direct irrigation, and is fast and easy to operate. Suitable for use by municipal departments of environmental sanitation in large, medium, and small towns.

Special parts for suction trucks:

It is composed of a power take-off, transmission shaft, vacuum suction pump, pressure tank, hydraulic part, pipe network system, vacuum pressure gauge, fecal inspection window, hand washing device, etc. It is equipped with a high-power vacuum suction pump and a high-quality hydraulic system. The tank head is one-time die-casting formed, and the tank body can be opened back and double top self unloading. The dirt inside the tank can be directly dumped through the back cover, which has the characteristics of high vacuum (greater suction than a suction truck), large tonnage, high efficiency, and wider use. 

The composition of the suction vehicle:

Oil water separator, water gas separator, special vacuum suction pump, volume pressure gauge, pipe network system, suction pipe, gravity valve vacuum tank, Communicating vessels (fecal window), full-automatic anti overflow valve, hydraulic kit. 

Working principle of cleaning and suction:

Due to the continuous immersion of the fecal suction hose on the liquid surface, the air inside the fecal tank becomes thinner and thinner due to its lack of replenishment, resulting in a pressure lower than atmospheric pressure. The fecal liquid is then used under atmospheric pressure. Alternatively, due to the proximity of the siphon to the bottom of the tank, when air is continuously discharged into the fecal tank, it is compressed due to its lack of outlet, resulting in a pressure inside the tank that is higher than atmospheric pressure. Under the action of compressed air, the fecal liquid is discharged out of the tank through the siphon and the suction hose. 

The cleaning and suction vehicle has the characteristics of high suction efficiency, self suction, self discharge, and direct irrigation. Filling time of the fecal tank:<5min, suction lift:>8m. It has the characteristics of long service life, fast working speed, easy operation, and convenient transportation. 

Our high-pressure cleaning vehicle products use high-quality and efficient high-pressure water pumps, which have high outlet pressure, reliable performance, long service life, water-saving, and good cleaning effects. The high-pressure nozzle of the pipeline dredging vehicle has no scattering, small pressure loss, no rust on the nozzle, long service life, and fully utilizes the kinetic energy of high-pressure water flow to clean in a high pressure and low flow manner. Hydraulic components, with stable and reliable performance, use a sandwich power take-off for full power output, avoiding the loud noise caused by other similar products using the upper cover for power extraction, and the gears are prone to damage


Composition of high-pressure cleaning vehicle (pipeline dredging vehicle):

Waterway system: including water tank, high-pressure water pump, inlet pipe, discharge stop valve, water filter, water level gauge, inlet stop valve, water pressure gauge, pressure gauge switch, high-pressure nozzle, high-pressure three-way valve, and drum.

Hydraulic system: including oil level gauge, oil tank, filter, gate valve, oil pump, overflow valve, throttle valve, oil pressure gauge, one-way valve, oil motor, directional valve, one-way valve, and switch.

Our Advantages:
1.Factory direct sales, fast delivery, and worry free after-sales service
2.Stable performance and long service life. Quality assurance, one year warranty upon purchase
3.Dedicated design team, proficient in core technologies, professional customization
We can produce different types of specialized vehicles:

ISUZU refrigerated truck, ISUZU van, ISUZU wreckage truck, ISUZU fire truck, ISUZU fire truck, ISUZU Aerial work platform, ISUZU ambulance, ISUZU watering and dust suppression vehicle, ISUZU sanitation vehicle, ISUZU Garbage truck, ISUZU sewage suction vehicle, ISUZU Alternative fuel vehicle and other special vehicles

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